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Virgo Full Moon

03.07.2023, 7:41 AM ET

Unravel me back together.

Some Full Moons are like release valves – gateways that open the door to our next dimension, our next chapter… hell, even our next life.

For some of us, today’s Full Moon feels like one of those.

Landing in the Mutable Earth of Virgo, today’s Full Moon is the last Full Moon before the Equinox. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that means it’s the gateway between Winter and Spring, between...[…]

Aries New Moon

03.21.2023, 1:24 PM ET

Today, I begin again.

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Today marks the Aries New Moon – the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year. In the Northern Hemisphere, this coincides with the beginning of Spring, when the Earth is thawing and when that which was sleeping begins to wake… and so it is within each of us. There is something thawing, waking… and – if you will – resurrecting. There is a next phase of life that seems to be revealing itself… and though this “next phase” looks different for each of us, the invitation is the same – TO. SAY. YES….[…]

Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction 2022

The Medicine of Surrender

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This month, the cosmic dance between Jupiter and Neptune reaches a peak, as they join in a conjunction on April 12th, and continue their dance in Pisces through May 10th.. Though they join in conjunction roughly every 13 years, this meeting between the planet of expansion and growth (Jupiter) and the planet of transcendence (Neptune) is happening in the ethereal and mystical realm of Pisces – something that only happens once every 166 years. And, since both Jupiter and Neptune rule the sign of Pisces, this conjunction is especially powerful.

In Astrology, all conjunctions represent a potent alchemy – a merging together of two energies to create something that neither could become on its own. In the case of Jupiter and Neptune, we’re talking about bringing together the medicine of Jupiter – expansion, growth, wisdom, understanding, the higher mind, faith, and boundless enthusiasm – with the medicine of Neptune – transcendence, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, mysticism, dreams, spiritual union, and divine connection…[…]

An important shift happened this week – the Nodes of the Moon changed signs – something that happens once every eighteen months. The Nodes represent a polarity of energy that we are asked, collectively and individually, to integrate.

In many ways, the South Node represents a place of familiarity – a mode of operation that we know well and have become so used to that we have a tendency to become stuck there… […]

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