Pisces Full Moon

9.20.21 7:54 PMEST

By faith

We’re about to round a corner – a big one 💫.

All Full Moons are culminations – a time when things within us and around us are reaching an energetic climax and all manner of things are being illuminated.

This month’s Full Moon illumination lands in the Mutable Waters of Pisces – the sign of the Mystic, the Dream Weaver and the Empath… and I’m hearing –

By faith…

… because there’s only so much you can control, order, measure, and analyze. At some point, in order to spiral up, you’ve got to allow your borders, your insight, and your “knowing” to stretch and expand… by faith.

By definition, today’s Full Moon is forming an opposition to our Virgo Sun, highlighting the need for balance between:

Coloring within the lines and coloring without;

Pulling in the reins and loosening our slack;

And ordering our world with precision, and falling back into Divine surrender.

That means that it’s time to start believing that when you put your best foot forward, the Universe responds in kind…

That you are part of a Divine process, and that Divine process can be trusted…

And that once you’ve done all that you can do, there is a Love that you can fall back into.

Today’s Pisces Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius, forming a tight supportive contact to Mercury in Libra, which just happens to be the ruler of our Virgo Sun. Combine that with a conjunction to Neptune, and we’ve got the makings of some deep understanding and clarity emerging in the areas of our life where we often feel like we’re feeling our way through the dark or navigating our way through the fog.

Where is it time to stop worrying, and start trusting?

In what areas of your life are you being called to surrender in trust?

And, in what relationships must you allow the waters of compassion to soften those edges and moisten that huge heart of yours?

Over the next few weeks, as our Moon wanes in light, keep your heart open to the synchronicities… and go ahead on and surrender – by faith ♓️💜.

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