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“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus
SEASONJanuary 21 – February 20
KEYWORDSEccentric, Progressive, Humanitarian, Free-thinking, Objective, Individualistic, Inventive, Liberating, Revolutionary, Original, Rebellious, Reforming

The Rebel

Aquarius is the sign of the Rebel – the part of you who is never satisfied with the status quo, the “norm”, or following the herd. Having established order, boundaries and structure in Capricorn, Aquarius seeks to explore beyond the edges of your perceived limits. She is the part of you that knows that growth requires you to “break ground”, break your own mold, and step out of your comfort zone.

Known for Her eccentricity, She is the Reformer and the Progressive Thinker. As Fixed Air, She represents the steady winds of change that are necessary to foster and sustain any revolution. She is mastering the art of compassionate detachment – a skill that allows her to take a holistic and panoramic view of any situation and discern what is brewing within the collective bowels of the group.

The really interesting thing about Aquarius is, it’s Her detachment that allows Her to shine the brightest, because She naturally attunes to this universal truth:

The only genuine way for the community to thrive is for each and every person to become intimate with their “inner freak” – what makes them unique and different from everybody else… and then share that gift with the world.

When planets pass through Aquarius, we are all learning more about objectivity, detachment, and attuning to group needs through our unique gifts and talents.

Aquarius season (Jan 20 – Feb 20) and transits through your Eleventh House call you to connect with, and share your unique talents with your tribe, and take a more objective and panoramic view of your life and your world.