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Fear everything and run; Or face everything and rise. The choice is yours.

Zig Ziglar
SEASONMarch 20 – April 21
KEY WORDSInitiating, Independent, Forthright, Blunt, Brave, Courageous, Autonomous, Willful, Destructive, Impactful, Self-Asserting

The Warrior

Aries is the sign of the Warrior. She is your internal badass who knows who She is and who thrives on penetrating the world with Her will. Hers is a life that grows from challenge to challenge – from facing Her fears and constantly proving to Herself that She can and She will.

As a Cardinal Fire sign, She is learning the art of destruction in the service of creativity, for She is not afraid to tear down, to destroy, and to burn up all things that stand in the way of Her freedom and Her autonomy. She initiates, takes the lead, and kicks things into gear. She embodies the newness of Spring, when things are being born, coming to life, and experiencing themselves as if for the first time.

She is the part of you that is self-autonomous, self-governing, and defines yourself for yourself. When planets pass through Aries, we are all learning more about being like “the ram” – claiming our self-autonomy, celebrating our independence, facing our fears, standing on our own two feet, and taking the lead.

Aries season and transits through your First House call you to release your “I AM” into the areas of your life that have been screaming for you to distinguish yourself, claim your empowered freedom, slay the demon of self-doubt, and step out in courage.

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