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“She held herself until the sobs of the child inside subsided entirely. I love you, she told herself. It will all be okay.”

H. Raven Rose
SEASONJune 21 – July 22
KEYWORDSSensitive, Nurturing, Mothering, Holding, Protective, Smothering, Tenacious, Emotional, Intuitive

The Mother

Cancer is your internal Mother – your Nurturer and Giver of Life. She is the part of you that is learning to hold yourself – to wipe your tears, laugh with you, cry with you and rage with you.

Summer is often when “our clothes come off”, as the temperature rises and we seek to cool down. Similarly, Cancer season is when we start to peel back our emotional layers, identify our inner needs, and refill our cup. As a Cardinal Water sign, She actively seeks ways to nurture, to hold, to fill, and to give Her emotions room.

As your internal Mother, She is fiercely protective of Herself and others. She is known as the sign of the “Crab”, because She does not reveal Her vulnerable parts easily. She protects them until She knows that Her world is trustworthy.

She is learning when and where it is safe to give of Herself, and She is learning to cultivate and build Her own safe spaces. Just like the crab, She can only grow when She feels safe enough to crack open Her hard outer shell, shed Her outworn layers, reveal Her soft, fleshy parts, and embrace Her vulnerability. So, cultivating safe spaces is paramount to Her survival.

When planets move through Cancer, we are all learning more about how to nurture ourselves, nurture others, listen to our intuition, pay attention to our internal needs, hold space, cultivate our safe spaces, and honor the full range of our emotions.

During Cancer season and transits through your Fourth House, you are called to give your emotions room, to listen to them, and to hold them; you are called to find security within: and you are called to refill your cup.