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“These mountains you are carrying,

You were only supposed to climb.”

Najwa Zebian
SEASONDecember 22 – January 21
KEYWORDSDisciplined, Focused, Ambitious, Cautious, Sure-Footed, Hard-working, Prudent, Structured, Pragmatic, Status-seeking, Shrewd, Serious

The Executive

Capricorn is the sign of the Executive – your internal governing body and supreme authority. She is the part of you that orders and structures your world according to your sovereign will.

Winter begins with Her season – bringing the chill that drives us all into our caves. Here, we are drawn to conserve, to focus, to exercise caution, and to decide what pursuits are truly worthy of our time, our attention, and our resource.

As the Cardinal part of Earth, Capricorn strives to give Her utmost to attain Her highest. She is the sure-footed and cautious mountain goat, who has Her eyes on the summit. She seeks achievement in the outer world – not for the accolades, but for the satisfaction of fulfilling Her obligation to larger society. She knows that She’s got good stuff to give, and that Her resource is precious… so She focuses in on what works and on what gets tangible results, and She leaves behind the rest.

She is the Boundary-Setter and the Foundation-Builder, knowing that for achievement to happen, Her energy must not be wasted and Her structures must be solid. When planets pass through Capricorn, we are all learning more about discipline, focus, structure, order, setting and maintaining boundaries, and building structures that foster tangible achievement.

Capricorn season (Dec 21 – Jan 21) and transits through your Tenth House call for you to bring attention to the structures of your outer world and align them with who you really are and what you are trying to achieve. This may mean strengthening and firming up boundaries, embracing new responsibilities, re-prioritizing your life, focusing in on the structures that genuinely have meaning for you, and trimming away the structures that do not.

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