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KEY WORDSHealing, Woundedness, Suffering, Wounded Healer, Self-acceptance, Wholeness

Your Drive to Heal

Healing the Aries Wound

The truth is, we all have an Aries wound to heal somewhere in our life – a piece of us that has become too fearful TO BE… to be strong, to be courageous, to make an impact, to lead, to be an overcomer, to be a hero, to be angry, to rage…

Healing this wound is a life-long journey – a journey that we are all equipped to take, as we learn to tap into the unconditional and eternal Love that lives in our hearts.

Where are you bound by fear? Where have you made yourself small, so that others will accept, “love”, or support you? Where have you stopped believing in yourself?

You are entitled to take the reins of your life and declare yourself free. Right now, release your “I AM” and affirm who you are. Open your mouth and decree…

“I am the Queen of my world, and i was born to make an impact. I am strong; I am brave; I am equipped; and I am wise. I honor my rage and my passion, and I clear the way for my life to burn with inspired action and with joy.”

So let it be.

Healing the Taurus Wound

We all have a Taurus wound to heal – a piece of us who has stopped believing in our worth and our ability to live a life of comfort, stability and peace.

In what areas of your life have you settled for “less than”? Where have you starved yourself of – sustenance, rest, time, attention, affection, or comfort – because you feel you are not worthy?

Take a moment now to feel yourself rooted down to the very core of the Earth. Now, breathe deeply. With every inhale, feel yourself drawing up into your body, your mind, and your soul everything that you need. And, with every exhale, feel yourself empty in gratitude. Say to yourself, “I am worthy of my best life. I am worthy,”

So let it be.

Healing the Gemini Wound

At some point in our life, every one of us has a Gemini wound to heal – a part of us who has grown apathetic, static, rigid and stale – perhaps from years of routine in a “too small life”.

Perhaps the healing comes when we realize that today does not have to be the same as yesterday, and it is never too late to invite the winds of change and variety to graze our face and quicken our lives.

Where have you shut up your mind and cut yourself off? Where has communication come to a stand-still? Where have you stopped learning?

It’s time to use your words and raise yourself out of the quicksand. Affirm to yourself, “Right now, I open my mind, and I open my heart. I ask for eyes to see and ears to hear all that life has to offer. I reclaim my curious mind in all areas of my life – in my relationships, in my job, in my home, and in my day-to-day routine. I celebrate all that I have to give and all that I have to learn.”

So let it be.

Healing the Cancer Wound

As with all wounds, healing the Mother wound takes time, patience, and compassion. For one reason or another, we all have times when we struggle to nurture ourselves and to wrap ourselves in the unconditional Love that heals.

In what areas of your life do you need to refill your cup? Where do you need to give your emotions room – without judgement? How can you cultivate greater security within yourself?

Right now, close your eyes. Feel yourself floating in a pool of calm water. Breathe deeply, and with every breath feel the tension melt away. Know that this pool is bound on all sides, and no one enters without your permission. In this space, you are safe, held and secure.

Now… feel… whatever you need… wherever you need… feel…. Repeat to yourself, “I am held from above, and supported from below. I know that I am loved unconditionally. I honor my internal needs, and I give them room.”

So let it be.

Healing the Leo Wound

The Leo wound is experienced any time we feel we must dim our light – perhaps because we feel we are not worthy of adoration; perhaps because we never learned to see ourselves as unique and special; perhaps because no one ever invested the time or the energy in applauding our efforts; or perhaps because we fear that others will be intimidated by the brightness of who we really are.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to let this go, and to release your solar power.

Right now, close your eyes and breathe deeply. See a small white light planted as a seed right at the center of your solar plexus. With each breath, feel this light grow – larger, deeper, brighter… until it fills the whole space around you.

Now, say out loud, for your own ears to hear:

“I am a star, and I am not ashamed of my light. My light is meant to warm, to heal, and to strengthen. I open snd release my brilliance into my life and into my world.”

So let it be.

Healing the Virgo Wound

The Virgo Wound is experienced any time we live under the oppressive belief that who we are and what we do will never be “good enough” – when we feel we must EARN the respect, the adoration, or the acceptance of others.

Feeding the Virgo wound will cause us to overwork, over-stress, and sell ourselves short, in an attempt to earn what already rightfully belongs to us.

It’s time to let yourself off the hook, and rest in grace.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel yourself rooted and grounded like the unshakable Oak that you are. Now, begin to sway. Feel your branches reaching up and out, effortlessly changing direction to find what you need – rest, attention, time, discipline, dedication, compassion…

Say to yourself:

“I am fully capable and fully competent. I trust the wisdom within me to guide me down the paths that are best for my growth and for the fulfillment of my life’s purpose. I know that my calling does not ask for perfection. It asks for my dedication and for my willingness to learn. Right now, I accept my beauty; I accept my brilliance; and I accept the infallible Truth that I am already good enough.”

Healing the Libra Wound

We experience the Libra wound any time we live through the eyes of another, instead of living through the eyes of our authentic self – when we forget that true harmony does not come through compromising our identity and our truth, but through owning our truth and presenting ourselves honestly to the world.

There is no instant pill that will heal any wound, but I have found that spending intentional time focusing upon those things that I know to be true, slowly but surely lets the light in.

Stand in front of a mirror and breathe deeply as you look into your own eyes. Scan the features of your face, from top to bottom and from left to right. Take in every detail, and then return to your eyes. Smile.

Hear yourself say:

“My opinion matters. What I want, and what I need matters. From this day forward, I honor who I am in every relationship and in every decision. I call upon Divine Beauty and Balance to restore Harmony to my world.”

So let it be.

Healing the Scorpio Wound

Whenever we seek to control, as a means of escaping our fear of letting go, we are grappling with a Scorpio wound. This can take many forms… from using tactics of manipulation to hold onto an outworn relationship… to guarding our heart so tightly that we never let anyone get close… Whatever form it takes, it is time to finally surrender and trust in the Love that protects, upholds, and binds all things together.

Stand or lay comfortably and close your eyes. Now, see and feel yourself standing fully clothed in front of a large and deep pond of water. It is dark, and the only light comes from the Full Moon which is high in the sky.

Begin to breathe deeply, and with every breath, see yourself remove one article of clothing. Draw your breath in deeper with each piece of clothing you remove, until you see yourself standing completely naked, and completely unashamed.

Now, envision yourself step into the pond before you, with each step bringing you deeper… and deeper… and deeper… until only your head remains un-submerged.

Here, you relax, and you let the Moon-lit water hold you, as you say:

“I surrender. I let go. And it is well with my soul.”

So let it be.

Healing the Sagittarius Wound

The Sagittarius wound is the wound of the “too small life”, and is experienced any time you circumscribe the borders of your world smaller than the radius of your potential. It’s the actor who gives up on his dreams after one failed audition, or the genius who stops trying the first time she doesn’t make the grade. It’s time to restore your faith, and call in the freedom that rightfully belongs to you.

Stand or sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine yourself in a large open field with no borders for as far as your eyes can see. Now, lift your head up to the sky and spread your arms wide.

What does it feel like to have no restrictions – no limitations to your movement?

Stay in this place of freedom. Take in every sensation. Now, say to yourself:

“I reclaim my right to take up space, and I spread myself far and wide. I fan the flames of my passion with all of the faith that I’ve got, knowing that right now, all things are working together for my highest good.”

So let it be.