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“You still need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”

Friedrich Nietzsche
SEASONMay 21 – June 22
KEY WORDSAdaptable, Versatile, Quick, Curious, Unstable, Communicative, Changeable, Clever, Youthful, Witty

The Curious Child

Gemini is your internal curious child. Picture the precocious four year old who can’t stop asking questions, sharing opinions, and sticking their nose, their hands and their fingers in everything – and you’ve got a pretty good picture of your internal Gemini.

She is the part of you that loves to learn through experience and variety. As the mutable part of Air, Gemini is much like the light and changeable winds of late Spring. She is all about getting the broadest spectrum of experience that She possibly can – from ALL kinds of sources. She loves to learn and to connect, so She is developing the art of communication, learning to conceptualize, and striving to understand ideas – in a non-judgmental way.

She is also known as the sign of the “Twins” because She embraces the paradoxes of life – the apparent opposites and dichotomies that keep our world interesting and keep us guessing. She lives in the liminal spaces – in the betwixt and the between – for Her curious mind keeps Her moving and ever learning more.

When planets move through Gemini, we are all learning to genuinely communicate, become a bit more versatile, and gather information that we didn’t already know.

Gemini season and transits through your Third House call you to let your mind explore, open it to new ideas, talk AND listen, connect, become the student AND the teacher, and approach life with a hungry curiosity… because we simply don’t have “it” all figured out yet – and that’s a beautiful thing.

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