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KEY WORDSExpansion, Excess, Generosity, Optimism, Higher learning, Understanding, “the Big Picture”, Law, Big dreams, Faith, Travel, Long journeys, Growth

Your Drive to Expand

Jupiter is your drive to expand, to grow, to integrate, and to believe against all odds. She’s the gateway to your faith – your propensity to believe in yourself; believe in the supportive power of the Universe; and believe for the highest good of the social systems of which you are a part. In general, She represents all of your “belief” systems, and is tied to your “religion”, your world view, and the way you integrate the big picture of your life.

The position of your natal Jupiter, by sign, house, and aspect, indicates where you tend to exercise the greatest amount of faith, where you feel “blessed”, where and how you enlarge your borders, where you take more in, how you expand your life, and generally your tendency to “think positively” about your outcomes and objectives.

The big “watch-it” for Jupiter energy is not to over-do or tend to excess. The truth is, that a healthy amount of faith and belief in yourself will typically take you far… but, everything has a limit at some point, and it’s a good idea to check in every now and again and make sure that your belief in yourself hasn’t turned to self-righteousness.

Take a look at your natal chart. What sign and house is your natal Jupiter in? What does this tell you about your overall “belief” system, your ideas about religion, and your sense of faith? How well does this correlate to how you tend to take more in of life, and expand your worldview or perspectives? Does your Jupiter placement speak to where you “feel blessed”?

Jupiter in Transit

Jupiter takes roughly 12 years to complete one revolution around the zodiac, spending about one year in each sign, depending on Her speed and retrograde cycle.

By transit, Jupiter represents what areas of your life you are called to grow; and what areas of focus carry the greatest potential for broadening your worldview, expanding your understanding, and preparing you to “take more in”.

Jupiter enlarges everything She touches, so Her transits tend to bring with them a fair amount of increase, success, confidence, and the joy of optimism. It can be easy to ignore them, since they often coincide with periods of our life where we feel as if things are running smoothly… but, to take full advantage of the opportunities and the blessings that they bring, it is a good idea to pay attention to them and to lean into them. The same typical Jupiter “watch-it’s” apply though – be careful of any tendency to overdo, both outwardly and inwardly.

Jupiter turns retrograde once a year, and stays retrograde for roughly 5 months. Her retrograde cycle represents a time when we are called to focus our longing to expand and to grow, inwards. This could mean exploring and deepening our spirituality, re-examining our long-range goals, or re-envisioning the big-picture view of our life. Since Jupiter also represents our drive to give and to practice generosity, Her retrograde period represents a time where we can practice receiving and recognizing the blessings we have coming in. There is no shame in giving to yourself and fostering the growth of parts of your life that only you can see.

Take a look at where transiting Jupiter sits right now in your natal chart. What house and sign is She in? Does Her current symbolism correlate with areas of your life or character that are experiencing growth, expansion, or a boost of faith?