Illustration by EllerslieArt at Dreamstime.com

“Make visible that which would never be seen without you.”

Robert Bresson
SEASONJuly 22 – August 22
KEYWORDSExpressive, Dramatic, Magnetic, Loyal, Warm, Regal, Proud, Courageous, Charismatic, Fun-loving, Joyous

The Performer

Leo is the sign of the Performer. Her season occurs during the warmest Summer months, when the Sun is highest in the sky and most easily seen and felt. Likewise, She is the part of you that loves to be seen, appreciated, and praised – just for being YOU.

She is the part of you that knows that you are meant to shine – not for the applause or for the validation, but because your light is an integral part of the healing journey for us all. Your unique gifts and talents are meant to be shared and seen; and when you step into your Leo power, you embrace this truth in full, blazing color.

As a fixed Fire sign, Leo is looking for ways to consistently and steadily express Her will, un-impeded snd unhampered. In Her heart of hearts, She yearns to find, and then express, the joy She carries within.

When planets move through Leo, we are all learning about self-expression, “strutting our stuff”, embracing our authenticity, allowing ourselves to be seen, celebrating our unique talents, and releasing any shame associated with being who we really are.

Leo season and transits through your Fifth House call for you to first believe in, and then honor, your brilliance. That means stop denying your talent; that means see yourself as a creative ball of light that cannot be hidden; that means know, without doubt, that you are a vital pulse in the heartbeat of us all, and we need your fire.

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