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“A witch is a “shaper” – a creator who bends the unseen into form, and so becomes one of the Wise, one whose life is infused with Magic.”

RULING PLANETJupiter, Neptune
SEASONFebruary 20 – March 20
KEY WORDSEmpathetic, Compassionate, Intuitive, Sensitive, Creative, Elusive, Shape-shifting, Mystical, Psychic, Fluid, Idealistic, Imaginative

The Mystic

Pisces is the sign of the Mystic – the part of you who knows that we are all connected… to each other and to the Divine. She seeks the truths that cannot be apprehended with the rational mind, but can only be understood through the realm of our intuition.

Pisces is the Dreamer and is also known as the sign of the Fish. Her symbol represents two fish, yoked together but swimming in opposite directions. I think of Her symbol as one fish swimming up (or in) towards the “heavens”, and the other fish swimming down (or out) towards the “earth”. She is forever yoked to the “other worldly” and the ethereal, but also forever bound to the material realm. In many ways, She is the part of you that seeks to bridge the gap between Divinity and Humanity… the part of you that is sensitive, psychic, intuitive, and empathic.

As Mutable Water, Pisces is the Shape-Shifter who believes that all boundaries are malleable and fluid. As such, She softens every edge that She touches and infuses Her world with the compassion and understanding that binds all things together. When planets pass through Pisces, we are all learning more about empathy, fantasy vs. reality, connection and Divinity.

Pisces Season (Feb 20 – Mar 20) and transits through your Twelfth House call you to enter a period of sacred withdrawal to reflect on, and strengthen your awareness of, your connection to All That Is. This is the time to bring greater understanding to how your outer world reflects your inner world; how your subconscious drives affect your material life; and to nurture compassion for yourself, for others and for the Earth.