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“When you let go, something magical happens.

You. Make. Space.”

D.M. Harrison
SEASONNovember 22 – December 22
KEYWORDSOptimistic, Larger than life, Buoyant, Philosophical, Over the top, Hot-headed, Freedom-loving, Transient, Loud, Boisterous, Full of faith, Undisciplined

The Gypsy

Sagittarius is the sign of the Gypsy – the part of you who is ever-searching… searching for Truth, searching for understanding, and searching for the next adventure.

During Her season, the fallen leaves of Scorpio are cleared away, revealing the space in our lives for the new and the untried. She is the part of you that knows that you must take up space in order to grow – so She seeks to expand and enlarge your borders. Whether through travel, study, meeting new people, or immersing yourself in new experiences – it is your inner Sagittarius that is moving you up, out, and beyond.

As a mutable Fire sign, She knows that destruction in one form or another is required to clear the way for the new – so She is not afraid to let things go that limit or restrict Her. One of Her big keywords is Faith – She knows that nature abhors a vacuum, and that if you create the space, the Universe will rush in ten-fold.

She is the Fire behind every risk that you take in faith, and She needs freedom –

Freedom to take the chances necessary to do life bigger;

Freedom to take the chances necessary to do life better;

And Freedom to take the chances necessary to do life louder and larger…

When planets transit Sagittarius, we are all learning more about expansion, making room for the new, taking up space, dreaming big, and daring to believe.

Sagittarius season (Nov 22 – Dec 21) and transits through your Ninth House call you to broaden your horizons and take in new experiences and knowledge that enlarge your world. This is the time to create the space in your life for the resurrection of your big dreams, and to call in the faith you need to let go of the outworn. It’s time to create space and take up space.