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“I have shed my skin so many times, the graveyards must be full of all of the people I used to be.”

David Jones
SEASONOctober 22 – November 22
KEYWORDSDeep, Transformative, Dark, Secretive, Mysterious, Powerful, Controlling, Manipulative, Persuasive, Intuitive, Sensitive

The Detective

Scorpio is the sign of the Detective – the part of you that seeks to peel back life’s layers and get in touch with all of its secrets, it’s hidden parts, and its taboos. Scorpio knows that the hidden parts always hold the key to change, transformation, and power. In her heart of hearts, She longs to be truly intimate and to surrender… but only on Her own terms and in Her own way… so power is something that She is drawn to in spades.

During Scorpio season, many of us can feel the call to pull inward, as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. We can also feel the call to shed the layers of our lives that no longer serve us. During this season, the trees begin to shed their leaves – and we too begin to shed, to let go, to surrender, and to transform.

As a Fixed Water sign, Scorpio swims in the deep end and desires to connect on the deepest of levels and in the most permanent of ways. She is learning the balance between surrender and control, and so Her life tends to be filled with extreme experiences of both. She is always at play in the matters that deeply bind us to others – birth, death, sex, debt, shared resource, shared emotional experience and anything that irrevocably transforms. Her greatest lesson is to learn that true power does not come through control, but through acceptance and vulnerability.

When planets pass through Scorpio, we are all learning lessons about control, power, integrating our shadows, and allowing ourselves to become vulnerable.

Scorpio season (Oct 22 – Nov 22) and transits through your Eighth House call for you to accept your hard truths, shed your outworn layers, and surrender in ways that forever transform you.

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