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“In a flash of wonderment, she saw firm, continuous ground under her feet – from back then to right now, and on and on as far as her eyes could take her.”

Ann Brashares
TAROT CARDV. The Hierophant
SEASONApril 20 – May 20
KEYWORDSStable, Grounded, Stubborn, Fertile, Lush, Sensuous, Succulent, Earthy, Loyal, Comfortable, Pleasure-seeking

The Bull

Taurus is the sign of the Bull and your internal Pleasure Dome. She is the part of you that knows that you deserve to FEEL GOOD – body, mind and soul. She’s about good food, good sex, a warm bed, reliable comfort, and surrounding Herself with the treasures of Her heart.

She follows the “I Am” of Aries; so now that She has learned who She is, She is learning to VALUE who She is – ALL of who She is. She is learning to see Herself – Her body, Her mind, Her time, Her money, Her possessions, and Her resource – as important and as things that require great care and investment.

As a Fixed Earth sign, She is mastering the art of grounding – rooting Herself in Her truth and in Her core values. She digs Her roots deep – so deep that She runs the danger of becoming inflexible. But, it is Her roots that make Her so strong and so fertile.

True to form, many of us experience Taurus season as the time when flowers are in full bloom and there are signs of continued and stable growth. She is the part of you who seeks stability, peace, sensual pleasure and comfort because you know that you are worthy. When planets move through Taurus, we are all learning to be more like “the Bull” – solid, stable, secure, comfortable, and grounded.

Taurus season and transits through your Second House call you to unapologetically lay claim to your body, your talent, your resource and your values. What you bring to the table is sacred. It’s time to groom it; give it what it needs; and watch it flourish.

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