The Signs as Reflections of Deity

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Ever since I can remember, I have sought to understand our connection to Deity. Religion has given us varied frameworks, many of which place the Spirit in a box. But, for each of us to live and breathe our wholeness, we must have a more varied and dynamic concept of the Spirit that lives and moves within us. In many ways, I have found this through my study of Astrology.

While Astrology does not lay claim to any one concept of Deity, it does offer us a system that fosters an acceptance and celebration of who we are in all of our diversity. The twelve signs of the zodiac may be seen as reflections of the Infinite as it spirals through all that exists. We each carry within us –

The Warrior (Aries);
The Bull (Taurus);
The Curious Child (Gemini);
The Mother (Cancer);
The Performer (Leo);
The Earth Priestess (Virgo);
The Diplomat (Libra);
The Detective (Scorpio);
The Gypsy (Sagittarius);
The Executive (Capricorn);
The Rebel (Aquarius); and
The Mystic (Pisces).

And, ALL of these manifestations of Deity are good. Unlike many traditional religions, Astrology does not celebrate some aspects of who you are and suppress others. As you dive deeper into your study, you will see that all twelve signs of the zodiac live somewhere in your natal Astrology chart – an indication that there is no piece of you that is not worthy of acceptance; they all have their place in your cycles of development.