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The Sun

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Your Drive to Shine

In your personal Astrology chart, the Sun represents your drive to shine, your drive to express, and your drive to be appreciated for being exactly who you are. She represents what fulfills you, what gives you a sense of purpose, what brings you joy, what energizes you, and what gets you up out of bed in the morning.

Classically, the Sun is considered one of the main signifiers in your chart for your “father”, father figures in your life, of other major players who have served to shape your perceptions of who you are in the world and why you are here, especially during your early years.

Her role in your chart is similar to Her role in the Solar System – as the light source that illuminates the rest of the planets. In many ways, the position of the Sun in your chart (by House, sign and aspect) delineate your life purpose – your Hero’s journey, who you are becoming in this life, the main gift you have to share with the world, and your ultimate talent. The rest of the planets revolve around this epicenter in your chart – mining and reflecting its light in various ways, depending on their relative position (we’ll talk more about this in the section – Planets in Aspect).

For now, take a look at your natal chart, and identify what sign your Sun sits in, and what house. Reread the section on the sign corresponding to your Sun’s sign, and refer back to our “cheat sheet” on the Houses of the chart.

In what ways do these descriptions relate to what fulfills you and what gives you a sense of purpose?

Do you notice any correlations between your Sun’s placement and your relationship with your “father” or “father figures” in your life?

Remember – your Hero’s journey presents you with both challenges and achievements to help you recognize and embrace your life purpose. No doubt, the position of the Sun in your chart shows you, both the greatest lessons you have to learn and your greatest achievements, on the path of your becoming.

The Sun in Transit

As seen from the Earth, the Sun takes one full year to complete a revolution around the zodiac, spending roughly one month in each sign. While the position of the Sun on the day and time of your birth attunes you to your life mission and ultimate talent; the position of the Sun by transit (where it sits on any given day of the year) tells you what area of your life is being illuminated right now, and where you are being called to embody certain aspects of yourself.

The Sun’s path represents an annual cycle of growth – of birth, of increase, of maturation, and of giving back – the story that the cycle of the zodiac tells year after year.

For example, during Aries season (when the Sun transits Aries – typically from March 20 – April 21), we are all being called to embody “the Warrior”. During this time, we are all “being reborn” – learning lessons about harnessing the courage to face our fears, exercising the strength to stand on our own two feet, kick-starting our passion projects, and embracing our independence and autonomy.

Take a look at an Ephemeris or use an App to plot a Transit chart and take note of the Sun’s position by sign and by degree right now.

Now, go back to your Natal chart and find what house this point falls in. This is the area of your life that is being “lit” right now – where you are being called to embody certain aspects of your character, according to the position of the Sun. This is the path of growth and illumination. In what ways does this resonate? Have recent events brought greater awareness to this area of your life?

It may be useful to begin to journal, and to notice the correlations throughout the year between the Sun’s sign and your own annual cycle of growth.

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