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KEY WORDSRebellion, Revolution, Reform, Liberty, Awakening, Sudden occurrences, the Unexpected, Technology, Science, Electricity

Your Drive to Reform

Uranus is your drive to reform, progress, liberate, and break free. Uranus was first discovered in 1781, during the Industrial Revolution (1760 – 1840) and embodies the definition of this era – a time in our history marked by rapid discovery and invention that propelled us into a new era and fostered radical lifestyle shifts.

Likewise, the part of you that is Uranus cares little for tradition, the way things are “supposed to be”, or the tried and true. Uranus cares about awakening – being born anew into the world of innovation and change, where you are free from every shackle of the mind, body, and spirit.

By definition, awakening is not a predictable process. Typically, it’s experienced as a sudden and unexpected opening of the eyes, the mind and the heart… so, where Uranus dits in your chart usually represents an area of your life where you experience sudden change leading to lightning bolts of discovery. Depending on the circumstance and your attitude towards change, this could feel like excitement, sudden loss, or revelation. Regardless of the form this energy takes, its purpose is always to wake you out of your slumber and set you free, so that you can reform your life and reform the world around you.

Take a look at your natal chart and locate the position of Uranus by sign and house. What does this tell you about where you strive to liberate yourself and others? Does this correlate to areas of your life where you tend to break the rules, buck tradition, or experience sudden and unexpected change?

Uranus in Transit

Uranus is one of the outer planets and takes roughly 84 years to complete one revolution through the zodiac, spending roughly seven years in each sign, depending on Her speed and retrograde cycles.

By transit, Uranus represents where change – destructive, awakening, and revelational change – is happening in your life. This is the area of your life that is currently due for a wake-up call – where you are being asked to break your own mold, buck your own status quo, and step out of your comfort zone. Here, the word “destructive” is not meant to be negative. On the contrary, this is meant as the kind of creative destruction that tears down walls and dismantles barriers that have been holding you back. Uranus transits are about FREEDOM and finally coming alive to life as you’ve never known it before.

Uranus electrifies everything that it touches, so Her transits tend to speed up certain areas of your life and grace them with occurrences that could not have been predicted. With Uranus, it’s best to expect the unexpected, and trust… trust that life is unfolding FOR you… and that your eyes, your heart, and your mind are being opened in specific ways for a reason.

Collectively, when Uranus enters a new sign, She heralds a time of radical shifts, in the areas ruled by that sign, for all of humanity. So, Uranus in Virgo might signify radical change and discovery in health, medicine or healing; while Uranus in Taurus might usher in reforms to our economic structure and our personal value systems.

Uranus turns retrograde for about six months every year, and symbolizes a time where we may experience a deepening and an emphasis on some of our more sweeping life changes; and a time where we are drawn to integrate within ourselves some of our more radical life lessons.

Take a look at what areas of your chart Uranus us transiting right now. What house and what sign is She in? How does Her position relate to the areas of your life that have been in a process of “awakening” or radical change?

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