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RULERSHIPTaurus, Libra
DETRIMENTScorpio, Aries
KEY WORDSLove, Affection, Desire, Attraction, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Partnerships, Relationships, Possessions, Values

Your Drive to Relate

Venus is your drive to relate, to connect, and to invest in what you love. She is the bridge-builder between you and your “Other”, whether your Other be a partner, a spouse, a lover, a community, a project, or career.

We all have different styles of relating and different circumstances that draw out our desire to relate. In many ways, our Venus signifies the kinds of relationships that we thrive in, and the lessons we most need to learn, through the vehicle of our relationships. For example, Venus in Aries implies that the “Warrior” archetype is at play in matters of love, attraction and value. Somewhere along the way, there’s got to be a reckoning with this Warrior – either within oneself or within another.

Remember – your power of attraction is Venus-ruled. She rules over what you are attracted to, and what is attracted to you. She is the call that you feel to invest time, money, energy, and emotional currency in what and who you value.

Look to the placement of your Venus by sign, house, and aspect, to see “where your treasure is”, what you love, what naturally attracts you, and the way you most confidently relate to others.

What does the placement of your Venus tell you about your relationship style and what you are attracted to? What archetype must you “reckon with” through the vehicle of your relationships?

What does Her placement tell you about what you value and where you most naturally invest your time, energy, and resource?

Venus in Transit

Venus takes roughly 18 months to complete one revolution around the zodiac, spending from one to several months in each sign, depending on Her speed and retrograde cycles.

Where transiting Venus sits in your chart says a lot about where you are being called to build bridges between yourself and others; and where there is the greatest potential for a “positive return” in the investment of your resource. In essence, She’s telling you where your power of attraction is at play, and where pleasure can be found.

Just like Mercury, Venus also has a retrograde cycle – a period of time where She appears to move backwards in the sky. She turns retrograde roughly every 18 months for about 6 weeks. Her retrograde motion implies that it’s time to revisit some issues we’ve left undone in matters related to love, relationship, money or investment. All tetrogrades gift us with the time and the circumstances that we need to reprioritize, get clear on our true desires, reassess our motivations, embrace closure, and correct a few mishaps. Venus is no exception. When She turns back, it’s a call for us to pull in and get intimate with our inner Goddess of Love.

Take a look at where transiting Venus sits in your chart right now. What house and what sign is She in? What does this say about where, and how, you are being called to invest and connect?

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