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“It’s not about perfection. It’s about progress.”

SEASONAugust 22 – September 22
KEYWORDSDevoted, Critical, Disciplined, Analytic, Pragmatic, Skilled, Pure, Service-Oriented, Organied, Systematic, Efficient, Healing

The Earth Priestess

Virgo is the part of you that seeks to become your highest and your best – to make the most of your skills and your resource in order to devote them in service. She is the Earth Priestess, devoted to the pruning and care of your life’s gardens to ensure that you get your harvest.

In many regions of the world, Virgo season is the time of the year when farmers gather in their crops – when they are separating their wheat from their chaff and deciding what is worthy to be used, stored and sold. Likewise, your inner Virgo is constantly evaluating and scanning your inner and outer worlds to discern what measures up to snuff.

As a mutable Earth sign, She applies Her versatility and adaptability to perfecting Her craft and to finding pragmatic solutions to everyday problems. She has a keen and uncanny attention to detail that allows Her to seek out imperfections and devise ways to make them better.

Her greatest lesson in life is to learn that, though there may always be room for improvement, She is already good enough… and no amount of perfection will make Her any more worthy than She already is.

When planets move through Virgo, we are all learning lessons of self-acceptance, self-discipline, maximizing our potential, and continuing to strive for our best while living in grace.

Virgo season (Aug 22 – Sep 22) and transits through your Sixth House call for you to develop and trust your natural ability to discern what is not working for you, and to make the necessary adjustments in your life to improve upon what is. This time is prime for developing routines that maximize your potential, your time and your resource; improve your health and wellness; and for honing your craft… all the while holding yourself in compassion and with the utmost respect for your incredible snd sacred journey.