What is Astrology

Illustration by Agsandrew at Dreamstime.com

Astrology is a symbolic language founded on the archetypes of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the known planets, fixed stars and asteroids. Its basic tenet is “as above, so below”, meaning that the events of the heavens are mirrored in our individual lives and in the life of the collective.

WildWitch Astrology is an “embodied” study of astrology which asserts that we are all connected, and that the entirety of the cosmos lives within us. So, as the planets move through the signs of the zodiac, we experience similar “movements” within us and around us.

The more we attune ourselves to these planetary movements and their spectrum of archetypal significance, the more equipped we are to live our lives with intention and deep and meaningful purpose.

The sections that follow are meant to introduce you to the basics of astrology. As you read, however, please remember that attuning yourself to Astrology is not all facts, figures, and book study. Astrology is a living art, and it is best experienced in conjunction with, and through, other living arts. My personal study and integration of Astrology has been immensely deepened through meditation, crystal healing, and the Tarot. It really is all connected. Let your intuition guide you deeper down the rabbit holes that have meaning for you!