Virgo New Moon

9.6.2021, 8:52 PM EST


Illustration by Iaroslava Daragan at

The Moon has joined the Sun in Virgo, kicking off another 29-day journey of self-discovery, and I keep hearing –


New Moons are about energetic new beginnings – the time when our internal “reset” button gets triggered, and we begin a time of co-creation related to the themes of the sign of the New Moon.

In the sign of Virgo – the sign of the Earth Priestess, the Healer, and the Sacred Servant – we’re talking about bringing some focused, yet tender, attention to the areas of our life that are crying out for grooming, pruning, and order…

But here’s the thing…

Not the way you’ve typically done it… and not the way anyone expects you to do it…

Because this month’s New Moon is in a super tight trine to Sacred Rebels Uranus and Lilith – the same two who graced last month’s New Moon. Both Uranus and Lilith ask for us to rise above the shackles of the norm, the mainstream and our own status quo, in order to implement the solutions that we know will set us free.

Your world is looking for sustainable change, and the time is ripe to start implementing that change.

Where are you being called to drop the dead weight of doubt, procrastination, and fear, and open to a new beginning?

Step-by-step… one day at a time… Give yourself a chance…Yes you can, and yes you will.

New Moon blessings everyone ♍️🙏🏽♍️.

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