Capricorn Full Moon

7.5.2020, 12:45 AM EST

“The most rigid structures, the most impervious to change… they will collapse first.”

Eckhart Tolle
Photo by Golubovy at

Our last Lunar Eclipse found our Full Moon in Capricorn – joining Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

Translation: It’s time to let the old structures fall, and celebrate the “new-build” that is blooming from within.

Capricorn is the sign of law, discipline, and order. She’s the structure and the form that makes our visions possible and our dreams a reality. She’s interested in what works, what’s real, and what’s tangible, and She drops the rest.

Sitting opposite, and illuminated by, our Cancer Sun, She is urging us to build the structures that will protect and honor our soft, fleshy parts – the parts of us that feel, and intuitively know, the truth of who we are. That means that we must let some structures fall, in order to make possible the foundations for the new.

She knows that outer form means nothing, if it is not fueled and supported by inner integrity… and so Her steps are measured, heart-centered, and deliberate… keeping Her eyes focused on the summit of achievement that can only be reached when we’ve truly done the work.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves, call on our sacred grit, and let the old and outworn fall away… in our hearts, in our minds, in our relationships, and in our world.

But know this – building new structures takes work, dedication, and commitment. It takes being willing to dig down deep, get our hands dirty, and invest in solid foundations that will last. And, it takes us knowing that all of it.. absolutely all of it… is worth it.

What outworn structures must you let fall?

What are you being asked to build in their place?

And where are you being called to follow your heart, keep your eyes on the summit and persevere?

Just because something has “always been that way” doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. This Full Moon asks you to declare yourself sovereign, and declare yourself free 🙏🏽.