Libra New Moon

9.25.2022, 5:55 PM ET

Hold Space

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All New Moons are about renewal in one way or another, but this month’s New Moon in the sign of Libra feels especially so.

Following on the heels of our Equinox and last month’s Pisces Full Moon, we’ve been ushered past the tipping point of our Solar year, and ushered into a time of washing away, cleansing, and rebirth.

It’s time to begin the Great Exhale, in order to create space – and hold space – for more…

More Peace
More Harmony
More Compassion
More Forgiveness
More Ease
More Love.

Libra is the sign of the Balancing Scales, and so represents the part of us that knows how to hold paradox, and knows that we always carry within us the opposite sides of the same coin. New Moons in this sign seek to heal all the parts of us that mistakingly believe that we need to choose one side or the other…

What joy, what fulfillment, what serenity might we feel if we truly believed that we could have both –

Security AND Freedom;
Independence AND Relationship;
Ease AND Success;
Softness AND Strength;
Science AND Art;
The best of the Feminine AND the best of the Masculine?

What if we knew, down to the very core of our being, that ALL OF IT is our birthright?

It’s time to shed the layers that have kept us living in the too-small spaces of “either/or”, and it’s time to release ourselves into the more expansive realm of “both/and”.

This month’s New Moon forms an opposition to Jupiter Rx in Aries, and is ruled by Venus in Virgo – which is making contact with Mercury Rx, Neptune, and Pluto.

Translation: Your life is big enough to “hold space” for the paradoxes in your life. Period. See the next 29 days (the length of our next Lunar cycle) as an opportunity to shed light on where you have been selling yourself short, living in the “either/or”, and where Life wants to open you up in order to embrace the “both/and”.

Where have you been forcing yourself to choose, instead of embracing the fullness that belongs to you?

See link in bio for your New Moon ritual, journal prompts, and New Moon mantra.

Blessed New Moon.

Libra New Moon Reflection Questions

Look to the place in your natal chart that houses 2 degrees of Libra for clues indicating where this month’s themes have their starting point, and where they may be the most salient. To feel into this New Moon, perhaps begin by asking yourself:

Where is there a bridge of connection that wants to be built – within yourself, or between you and another?

What new story is being born within you?

Where is there a paradox that needs be held?

Libra New Moon Ritual

New Moons are about new beginnings that usher us into a new spiral of healing. They’re an energetic reset that gift us the opportunity to consciously tune into the next version of who we are becoming.

The ritual below is designed to help you tap into the story that is emerging for you around this Libra New Moon. Something is awakening within you, and the next few days are prime to give this new birth some attention, and to shower this new seed with the nutrients of faith and hopeful intent.

For this ritual, you will need:

1. A quiet, comfortable space where you can sit undisturbed.

2. A candle, or candles, of your choice. If you wish, choose candles that you know somehow represent the burning desires of your heart, either in color, shape, or in any other way that feels significant to you.

3. Journal and writing utensil

4. Optional Tarot and/or Oracle deck

Ritual steps:

1. Dim any lights of the room that you are in.

2. Have your journal and Tarot/Oracle decks handy, and arrange your candles in a straight line in front of you, from left to right.

3. Light your candles.

4. Sit quietly, palms facing upwards, and head gently lifted, with your gaze softly falling on the flames in front of you.

5. Breathe deeply – one, two, three times, or until you feel restored from within. With each inhale, feel your lungs completely expand, from bottom to top… and, with each exhale feel your lungs completely empty, from top to bottom.

6. When you’re ready, begin a quiet meditation for roughly 10 minutes, as the flames dance in front of you.

7. Now, take a moment to identify an area of your life where you have felt that you have had to choose between two seemingly separate poles… like Security and Freedom, or Autonomy and Relationship; or Ease and Success . Don’t rush this, because this is the crux of this ritual magic. See this situation, as it is, and have compassion for its unfolding

Then, begin to see one small change in this area of your life. Perhaps you see a bridge building between these seemingly two disparate parts. Whatever it is, feel it… feel the connection, the unity, and the wholeness in your body.. and savor it.

Now, if you wish, pull Tarot or Oracle cards to identify the small changes or adjustments that you wish to connect with, as well as any fears that you must move through.

8. When you’re ready, say and complete this sentence aloud:

“My life is big enough to hold the paradox that I see. Today, I affirm my right to embrace it all, and I take one small step in the direction of __________. I feel the fear of _________, and I act anyway. Transformation is a process, not a destination.”

9. Sit quietly for a moment, and then write down the completed sentence above in your journal.

10. When you are ready, blow out your lit candles, one by one, feeling each desire that they represent.

11. Over the next two weeks, as the Moon waxes in light, add to your journal entry, as you feel led. Pay particular attention to any urgings or promptings that you feel from within, especially around the time of the waxing Crescent and First Quarter Moons.

What’s Your New Moon Mantra?

IF you feel led, take a snapshot of the video below for a New Moon Mantra to help guide you through this Lunar cycle.

Oracle Deck: The Moon Deck
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