Gemini North Node/ Sagittarius South Node

5.5.2020 – 1.18.2022

“In learning you will teach; and in teaching you will learn.”

Phil Collins
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An important shift happened this week – the Nodes of the Moon changed signs – something that happens once every eighteen months. The Nodes represent a polarity of energy that we are asked, collectively and individually, to integrate.

In many ways, the South Node represents a place of familiarity – a mode of operation that we know well and have become so used to that we have a tendency to become stuck there… and the North Node represents a less-trodden path – an energy that we are called to consciously remember and seek out. The North Node is our path to growth.

This week, the South Node shifted into Sagittarius – the sign of big dreams, grand schemes, and the quest for truth far from home – and the North Node has joined Venus and soon Mercury, in Gemini – the sign of the curious child, day-to-day communication, and the lover of knowledge that is often found right beneath our noses.

In plain speak, that means it’s time to get curious and seek out the knowledge, the facts, and the information that will back up our grand ideas and sweeping beliefs; It’s time to sincerely and honestly communicate and share knowledge; And it’s time to integrate our need for the “far off and distant” (Sagittarius) with our need for the “close to home” (Gemini).

We all know that we are on the fringes of unprecedented times. We need each other. We need to open our hearts and our minds together in order to find the solutions that will save lives and save our planet. This won’t come through hot air rhetoric. This will only come through recognizing that knowledge is both power and privilege, and sometimes our journey to healing can only truly begin when we humble ourselves and open our minds to what the Universe has to teach us.

This nodal shift is a call for clear communication, collaboration, the honest sharing of knowledge, and the exploration of diverse avenues of problem-solving and solution-finding. We may not have all of the answers, but we’ll get much closer to them together, than we ever will apart.

So let it be 🙏🏽

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