“In every nation, there are wounds to heal.

In every heart, there is the power to do it.”

Marianne Williamson
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Where the Magic Lies

The real magic in life lies in participating in our journey. That means NOT being a spectator. That means waking up to our personal needs and to the needs of the collective. That means daring to believe that our lives have purpose, and that we are meant to live out that purpose in full, blazing color.

This is the magic of intention-setting.

Although I believe that every moment is the right moment to ask our Divine Source for the longing in our heart, the New Moon provides us with a particularly potent time to do so, because this is the time when everything within us and around us is beginning again.

What is an Intention?

It has taken me a while, but I am learning that the first, and most important step in setting an intention (lifting up a prayer and asking for what you need) is to follow your heart. Intentions don’t live in the head. They live in the heart.

For me, they are not necessarily goals that sound like “I must accomplish this or I must do this…”. They are more like “heart-vectors” – deep longings from within that have direction and intensity.

Intention-setting Through the Signs

The more I pay attention, the more I realize that my heart-felt intentions each month really do line up with the themes of the sign of the New Moon.


In Aries, it’s about facing our fears, initiating, overcoming inertia so we can act, taking the lead, being our own hero, fanning the flames of our passion, and tapping into our sacred rage.


In Taurus, it’s about owning our self worth, attuning to our sensuality, finding the courage to honor what gives us pleasure, tending to our personal finances and possessions, and being honest about where we need to step outside of our comfort zone.


In Gemini, it’s about opening our mind, embracing diversity of experience, learning new things, taking steps to truly communicate, adjusting our communication style, embracing our paradoxes, and speaking our truth.


In Cancer, it’s about getting serious about our self-care, tuning into our ability to nurture and be nurtured, allowing ourselves to feel, welcoming support from others, giving support to others, creating and holding sacred space for ourselves and others, and getting intimate with our history – while simultaneously learning to let go of, and learn from, our past.


In Leo, it’s about celebrating our creativity (in whatever form that takes), tapping into our inner child, welcoming in the spirit of play, allowing ourselves to be seen, finding the courage to be authentic, learning to validate ourselves, and shining our light, with or without the applause.


In Virgo, it’s about honing our craft, being honest about where we need to make adjustments or improvements, learning that – while there is always room to improve – we are good enough, smart enough, and capable enough, exactly as we are; tuning into our bodies and honoring our health, and paying attention to the details that we may have let slip throughout the year. Sometimes, the devil really is in the details, and this is the time to tie up those loose ends and firm up on those boundaries.


In Libra, it’s about restoring our balance – in our relationships, our careers, our families, our finances, and our life; being honest about where we have leaned too much to one side or the other, releasing toxic relationships that are not equitable or just, demanding justice for ourselves or others, defining harmony and beauty for ourselves, and truly learning from our partnerships.


In Scorpio, it’s about facing and integrating our shadows, understanding our relationship with power, peeling back the layers and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, diving deep into the emotions that scare us, cutting relationship cords that have hurt us or creating relationship cords that are calling to us, and surrendering to the transformation that has been knocking on our door.


In Sagittarius, it’s about enlarging our borders, having the courage to take a leap of faith, creating space to welcome more into our lives, stepping beyond our known horizons, daring to dream up our next adventure, being the pioneer of our own life, stepping outside the confines of our “too small life”, and dreaming big.


In Capricorn, it’s about setting and maintaining boundaries, establishing order and structure, building up (or tearing down) the forms and the structures in our lives that we need to accomplish our goals, putting in the work to climb the mountains that we choose, experiencing ourselves as sovereign, and learning to be the CEO of the business of our life.


In Aquarius, it’s about breaking our own mold, moving beyond our own status quo, calling in our tribe of “like-minds” while also finding the courage to march to the beat of our own drummer, awakening to our personal truth, rising above the bullsh&t in order to gain perspective, mastering the art of sacred detachment, recognizing and welcoming where it’s time to break the rules, and embracing our own inner Sacred Rebel.


And finally, in Pisces, it’s about truly opening our hearts in compassion to ourselves and others, recognizing where we need to soften our boundaries, seeking Divine connection and connection with others, establishing sacred space, slowing down to tune into our own intuitive guidance, and developing the spiritual practices we need in order to heal and rejuvenate.

It’s Time

Now…. search your heart… Is it intention-setting time? If so, quiet your mind, breathe deeply and FEEL.

What soul-urges are rising to the surface? What intentions do you feel called to lift up to the Universe?

Speak these things now… write them down… and then.. every day….

Affirm that you are worthy to receive your ask…

Believe that the Universe is ready and willing to support you for your highest good…

Engage. Be prepared to answer the call, step outside of your comfort zone, communicate and learn.

And finally, stay open and grateful. Gratitude always works. It always shifts your vibration, lifts you higher, and puts you in a position to receive more and to give more…

Know that the change you’ve been waiting for is waiting for you. New Moon blessings everyone 🙏🏽.