Libra Full Moon

04.06.2023, 12:35 AM ET

Worthy of peace.

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Today’s Full Moon lands in the sign of Libra, the sign we most associate with –

Balance…Harmony…Equilibrium…Justice…Beauty… Alignment…Peace…and Love.

Full Moons tend to indicate times of illumination, when something in our life calls us to attention, inviting us to make a shift. The sign of the Full Moon indicates the themes of that shift. Since Libra is the sign of the Balancing Scales, now is the time to feel into the spaces of your life that feel out of balance – for any reason – and consider where your power lies.

By definition, this Full Moon sits in opposition to the Sun in Aries, the sign of the Warrior and the Ram… the sign of personal agency and courage…

…because sometimes, it takes courage to safeguard your peace… it takes courage to settle for nothing less than Justice… and it takes courage to walk as one who is worthy of the Libra ideals of beauty, harmony and love.

Walking the worthy path is a courageous act… and a rebellious one. It requires you to ruffle a few feathers and to step out of predefined boxes, roles and systems. It requires you to hold a mirror up to your life in order to be honest about who you are and about who you are not.

From now until the beginning of our next lunar cycle, which starts with the Solar Eclipse on 4/20, pay attention to the circumstances arising within you and around you that invite you to let go of the things that are not in alignment with the peace, harmony, and beauty that are your birthright.

What shift has been knocking on your door? Where are you being invited to balance the scales?

You are worthy of peace. Blessed Full Moon ♎️⚖️🌸.

Libra Full Moon Journal Prompts

In what areas of your life ar e you being called to a place of greater alignment with your most heartfelt values?

Where are you being called to exercise courage and stay true to your authenticity, releasing the urge to “people-please”?

Where are you being called to safeguard your peace?

Your Full Moon Mantra

Full Moons call us to a place of awareness, celebration, and release. To begin feeling into the healing power of this Full Moon for you, close your eyes and take a screenshot of the video below to receive your Full Moon Mantra.

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