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An Astrological Thought-Piece on Britney Spears, America, and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Shortly after the New York Times released their documentary, Framing Britney Spears, a dear friend of mine encouraged me to watch it, as she felt very strongly that what was “happening to Britney” was serious and was something that we all needed to pay attention to.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that I am not someone who is highly attuned to pop-culture… but, the earnestness within my friend’s voice caught my attention and peaked my curiosity, so on that Friday night, I tuned in… and after I looked at the Astrology of it all, my heart cracked open… This piece is an attempt at giving voice, through the Astrology, to what it is about this chapter of Britney Spear’s emerging story that has so many of us captivated.  By the end of this piece, I hope that you will see that what is “happening to Britney” is, perhaps, something that is happening – or has happened – to many of us… and that now is the time for all of us, especially here in America, to begin a difficult, but necessary, conversation about what it means to restore the balance of power in our collective… and in our lives.

So, What is Happening to Britney?

In short, Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship since August 22, 2008, shortly after she refused to relinquish custody of one of her sons to her former husband, and shortly after she was involuntarily admitted into a mental health institution.  The conservatorship initially began as a temporary one, which was to sunset in December, 2008.  On October 28, 2008, however, the conservatorship was extended indefinitely.  That was roughly 13 years ago, when Britney was 26 years old.  The conservatorship is still in effect, and she is now 39 years old.

Because the details of Britney’s mental health have never been released to the public, it is hard for many to believe that the mega-million dollar pop-star, who commands the stage in front of thousands, with ease, and has been known to bring in over a million dollars a week in revenue, needs a conservatorship.  Her conservatorship, after all, grants the power of her estate and the power of “her person” over to somebody else.  For much of her conservatorship, that “somebody else” has been her father, Jamie Spears, who has apparently had control over her financial affairs and control over who she can and cannot see, where she can and cannot go, what interviews she can and cannot give, etc….

What’s more – Britney appears to have been denied certain rights related to defending herself, including the right to choose her own attorney to represent her in these affairs.   At the outset, the courts deemed that she was not competent enough to choose her own attorney – even though she had met with, and chosen, one.  They denied her that right, and instead, gave her court-appointed representation. In addition, she has petitioned the courts to have her father removed as the conservator, and have him replaced with a third party.  That request was also initially denied.  However, in recent months, the courts have allowed for a third party to be co-conservator with Jamie Spears.

Sounds strange, right?  It raises a lot of questions – questions like:

  • Is it really true?  Is it true that this woman, who has been the central force behind an entertainment empire, really does not have the faculty to control the money that she works to bring in, or that she cannot decide what interviews to give?
  • How come she isn’t deemed competent enough to tell her story, in her own words, and on her own terms… yet, she is deemed competent enough to continue to release billboard hits and mastermind a Las Vegas residency that brought in over $1M in revenue a week?
  • Is it possible that there is something darker going on beneath the surface, and behind the curtains, that has sanctioned a kind of misogyny that has kept her bound?
  • And, if so, how could that happen right beneath the noses of so many of us here, in America, and around the world?

As an Astrologer, I have learned that there really are no such things as coincidences.   When something erupts into the social consciousness, it is because it is time for that thing to erupt.  It is because it is time for that thing to be talked about, dissected, and integrated into our psychic fabric.  In essence, we – as a collective – are ready to deal with it and learn from it.

So, in the spirit of Gemini season, I asked myself – What is this thing with Britney Spears that has risen to the surface of our awareness, and why is it that this is the time for us to see it?

Hopefully, I have not lost your attention yet, and you have some interest in reading on… because, in the pages that follow, I will be taking a look at the natal chart of Britney Spears, the Astrology of the conservatorship, our upcoming Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, and what all of this may be triggering for us here in America.

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