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What To Expect

I have learned that true healing comes through relationship – an honest opening of the heart that allows new light to illuminate the wisdom that we carry within. To this end, personal readings with me are collaborative. I am not a fortune-teller. You have wisdom. I have wisdom. Together, we will engage in a dynamic and magical dialogue that will give voice to your story – the story that you have lived; the story that you are living; and the story that is unfolding.

I use the Tarot in conjunction with your natal Astrology chart, your Astrology transits/progressions, and your Solar Return chart to help you paint the picture of your life and orchestrate your next chapters as you choose.

If all of this sounds complicated, please know that it’s not. Our primary interface will be the stunning visual language of the Tarot, informed by your life experience, and the knowledge of Astrology that I bring.

I love working with people one-on-one. Know that before we meet, I will have studied and meditated upon your charts, and I will be ready to dive deep with you.


Readings cost $280 and will typically last roughly 2 hours.

I use an on-line digital platform, with both visual and audio capability, so you will have a full and clear view of all tarot spreads and Astrology charts.

At the end of the reading, you will receive a downloadable video recording of our dialogue, as well as a digital image of your tarot spread, Astrology charts, and any oracle cards pulled.


Once an appointment is booked, you may reschedule the appointment up to 72 hours in advance of your scheduled reading, using the automated scheduler that you used to book your reading (linked below). Once this window has passed, you will need to contact me directly to reschedule. A $50 fee will be charged for all appointments rescheduled less than 72 hours in advance of the original appointment time.

Note: For those who have won the Free Reading Give-Away, appointments may not be rescheduled less than 72 hours in advance of the original appointment time.

Cancellations and Refunds

An appointment may be cancelled, up to 72 hours in advance of the scheduled reading, with a partial refund of 50% of the total cost of your reading. Refunds will not be made available after this window has passed.

A full refund will be made available, if the cancellation is received within 72 hours of the initial booking.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any additional questions or clarifications!

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