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The WildWitch Reading Circle is a community of like-minds connected by our love of learning, communicating, and opening to new ideas and new people. Our main vehicle for growth and connection is the “reading circle” – small groups that gather weekly via an online platform to discuss a particular book through the Lens of each member’s individual experience.

Reading circles are much more than “book clubs”. They are hubs of connection, safe spaces of growth, and intellectual havens of mind-opening and heart-opening dialogue…

…Because we’re all on a journey, and that journey comes alive in ways we had never imagined when we truly begin to connect with like minds. Doors open… Minds open… Hearts open… and that’s what this is all about.

A Few Logistics

To facilitate meaningful connection and discussion, reading circles are comprised of no more than thirteen members and no less than three members, with at least one member serving as a group facilitator for the duration of the circle.

Facilitators are responsible for opening each session, aiding in meaningful dialogue, and encouraging participation.

Typically, reading circles will last for roughly 8 weeks, but may be of shorter or longer duration, depending on the body of material being read, and the speed with which members choose to read it.

Each circle meets virtually, for roughly one hour, using a universally accessible platform, such as Zoom, GoToMeeting or Webex.

A Few Ground Rules

As much as possible, members are expected to commit to attending each session and participating, as their heart leads. In essence, reading circles are a commitment to growth, and, as such, must be founded on shared commitment and respect. To that end, each member is asked to agree to these three basic ground rules:

  • As much as possible, I commit to showing up.
  • As much as possible, I commit to listening with an open mind.
  • As much as possible, I commit to speaking with an open heart.


Interested in joining a reading circle and/or becoming a co-facilitator? Great! Click on the link for one of the open reading circles below and fill out the form to send me your contact information and to let me know that you are interested. Then, be on the look-out for a welcome and follow-up email from me.

By joining a Reading Circle, you will automatically receive the latest information on all new and upcoming reading circles, as well as opportunities to start and host your own reading circle as part of this online community.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Click on one of the links below to join an upcoming reading circle!

The Holy Wild, by Danielle Dulsky

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