Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

11.08.2022, 6:03 AM ET

Root and Rise

As I reflect on this week’s Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, I cannot help but answer the call to stillness that I feel rising in my spirit. Taurus is Fixed Earth – the sign of the Bull, of sensuality, of stability, of security, and of pleasure. Full Moons in this sign seek to heal all of the parts of us that have stopped believing that we are worthy of living a life that is rooted and grounded in the kind of peace that allows our cores to flourish.

If the last few weeks have found you tender, tired, raw or worn from the psychological digging up and dredging up that often accompanies Scorpio season, then this Full zMoon is here to remind you that – no matter what has happened in your past or what is happening in the now – you are worthy of feeling secure, safe, held, loved, fed, comfortable, sensual and grounded.

Since this Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse that formed a conjunction with Uranus and an opposition to the Sun/Mercury cazimi in Scorpio, it is kicking off a time of radical release and revelation. In the coming weeks, keep your heart and mind open to where you are being asked to unearth and then shed the “Un-Truths” – the lies that have been buried deep and now must be revealed and released in order to allow yourself to both root and rise.

In true Taurus fashion, see yourself rooted as the fertile ground that you are… and now see yourself rise as the fertile ground that you are. You are worthy of every single inch of peace and pleasure that this life has to offer.

Let this Truth set you free.

And finally…Be gentle with yourself. You are shepherded through a time of intense realignment. Gravitate towards the simple pleasures that calm your nervous system and simply FEEL GOOD.

In what ways are you being called to “root”…. And, in what ways are you being called to “rise”?

Blessed Full Moon everyone ♉️🌕💗.

Taurus Full Moon Journal Prompts

Look to the areas of your chart that house 16 degrees of Taurus and 16 degrees of Scorpio for clues that highlight where the themes of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse may be the most salient. To begin to feel into what this means for you, perhaps begin by asking yourself:

What Truth is being unearthed in your life, and where is it time to release a great “un-truth”?

In what areas of your life is it time to reclaim your right to peace, serenity, and security?

In what ways are you being called to ground down into the simple pleasures that speak to your soul?

Your Full Moon Mantra

If you feel led, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and when ready – take a snapshot of the video below to receive your Full Moon Mantra. Use this mantra to help guide you through the remaining weeks of this Lunar cycle. The Moon will be waning from now, until our next New Moon on 9/25. This is the time to let go and release the shackles of the past, as you prepare to begin again.

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