Virgo Full Moon

03.07.2023, 7:41 AM ET

Unravel me back together.

Some Full Moons are like release valves – gateways that open the door to our next dimension, our next chapter… hell, even our next life.

For some of us, today’s Full Moon feels like one of those.

Landing in the Mutable Earth of Virgo, today’s Full Moon is the last Full Moon before the Equinox. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that means it’s the gateway between Winter and Spring, between “death” and “rebirth”.

Some things in our life are fading, perhaps even feeling as if they have changed forever… and simultaneously, some things are just emerging, like new ideas, new projects, and new relationships with new twists and new turns.

Events of the most recent days, weeks, and months may feel as if they have brought some sudden changes, but perhaps – upon reflection – you’ll realize that these recent changes are the result of things that have been building for quite some time.

Much like the action of the tide on the shore, there has been a sacred eroding that has changed the structure of things, and it is the culmination of this sacred eroding that you may be feeling at this time… and, though you cannot tell exactly where things will lead, you know that you are about to turn a very important page in your life, and it feels different, and new, and unknown.

The key to navigating any transitional time signaled by a Full Moon, lies in looking at the sign of the Sun and the Moon itself. Today, our Sun sits in the watery realm of Pisces, and our Moon sits Full in the earthy domain of Virgo, and so we are talking about finding meaning in our experience of the Virgo-Pisces dichotomy —

Order vs. Chaos…

Reality vs. Fantasy…

Manifestation vs. imagination…

Virgo is the Earth Priestess of the zodiac – the true artisan of grooming and pruning and perfecting. Virgo is the part of us that knows that every marathon is completed one strategic step at a time. The healing power of Virgo lies in an everyday devotion to the things that we know will make our lives better – making a daily practice of “health” (whether it be mental, emotional or physical).

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is the energy within us that wholeheartedly believes that just about any thing can be made better with the right amount of time, attention, knowledge, work, and care. If you’ve got a mess, typically a “Virgo” knows how to clean it up 😉…

…which is why Virgo Full Moons are perfectly poised, landing right smack dab in Pisces season – the time during the year when the “unraveling” of certain portions of our lives may begin to take center stage. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and so when the Sun transits through Pisces (from 2/19 – 3/21 every year), there are inevitably things in our life that we are called to let pass away, in order to welcome in the new seeds that fuel the next “turn of the wheel”. There’s an unraveling of sorts….

This may feel especially so, because, this year, along with our Virgo Full Moon, we have Saturn – the planet of structure, law, and order – changing signs and moving into Pisces, where it will remain for the next 2 1/2 years or so. More on this in a later post, but it would be an understatement to say that the foundations of certain things in our life are changing, transitioning, and morphing… in order for a new way of doing life to appear – a way that is stronger, more compassionate – and yet, more resilient and unifying – than before.

The message of today’s Virgo Full Moon is this: If something has recently “unraveled” in your life, there is a way to “ravel” it back together. It may take on a different shape, or color, or hue, or it may end up looking completely different than it once was…It may take time, effort, careful planning, and a willingness to devote yourself to the task… but it IS possible. Prune what needs pruning and let what must fade, fade.

Trust the process that is working within you. It is by design, and it is perfect.

Blessed Full Moon ♍️🌕♍️.


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