Sagittarius Full Moon

6.14.2022, 7:52 AM ET

Catching Fire

As I reflect on today’s Sagittarius Full Moon, the phrase that’s rising up in my spirit is:

Catching Fire.

Sagittarius is the last Fire sign of the zodiac, and so represents that part of us who is seeking ever-expansive ways to fan our flames, to live our “best life”, and to experience that world “over the rainbow” for ourselves…

… because maybe, just maybe, if we stretch our borders wide enough, we’ll arrive at the “Truth” that promises to set us free.

Full Moons in this sign seek to heal all the parts of us that have been thinking too small, aiming too low, or have given up on the dream that keeps us rising up and out of the spaces that we have outgrown.

By definition, this Full Moon sits opposite our Gemini Sun, highlighting our need to:

Integrate our short-term actions with our longer-range plans;

Turn down the background noise, and turn up the volume on our “Truth”;

Celebrate the vision of hope that is emerging out of the chaos; and

Release negative beliefs that sabotage our quest for a better life, a better future, and a better way.

This Full Moon forms a square to mystical Neptune and a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and is accompanied by a conjunction between Mars and Chiron in Aries.

Translation: something seeks to “catch fire” in your life – to bust the borders of your world wide open, and to tear down the illusion that you were meant to act and think small. Take the time to re-establish your belief in your right to take up some space, and then transform that believing into doing… because you’ve got a few wounds that need the healing salve of tangible faith. Take one step of faith… and then another… and then another… That world you dream of – for yourself, for your community, and for your world – needs every single one of them.

Yes you can, and yes you will.

Blessed Full Moon.

Sagittarius Full Moon Journal Prompts

What negative beliefs is it time to lay to rest?

In what areas of your life is it time to start thinking just a little bit bigger?

And, where is it time to take an intentional step of faith?

Full Moon Ritual

I’m a lover of simple ritual, and a big fan of synchronicity. Every Full Moon ultimately asks for us to reflect on three basic questions, in one way or another:

What is being illuminated in my life?

What am I being called to celebrate?

And, what am I being called to release?

Reflecting on these three questions every Full Moon will begin to reveal the growth patterns in your life and help you to more intentionally approach each Full Moon phase.

If you feel led, take a snapshot of the Oracle videos below to help you tune into the magic of this Full Moon for you.

Then, complete the following mantra for yourself:

This Full Moon, I open to the illumination of ________ in my life. I celebrate _________, and I surrender ________.

Keep this mantra at the forefront of your heart as you move through the waning cycle, ending with our next New Moon on 6/28/2022.

What is being illuminated in my life?

The Numinous Astro Deck

What Am I Being Called to Celebrate?

Earth Magic Oracle

What Am I Being Called to Release?

The Power of Surrender Oracle


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