Sun in Cancer

6.20.2020 – 7.22.2020

“To heal, is to touch with love,

That which was previously touched by fear.”

Stephen Levine
Irina Matyash at

Whenever the Sun enters a new sign, I can feel the shift of focus within me. It’s like the lights get turned on in an area of my life that has been stirring, preparing, and waiting for its turn to shine.

Today, the Sun entered Cancer – the sign of the Cosmic Mother. And so the shift begins…

The winds of Gemini served us well. She highlighted our dichotomies, our polarities, and our unreconciled dualities. She got us asking the questions and having the conversations that many of us have desperately needed for quite some time. Now, the waters of Cancer seek to integrate and heal what Gemini has started. Cancer is the Womb, the Matrix, and the Mother. She is the container for every emotion, no matter how intense, and She is the repository for the history that has made us. She holds the secret to learning from our past, and thus birthing us anew into the power of our now.

Her season demands that we listen to our birth pains – the internal kicking and stirring of our intuition, and the feelings that rise up as waves within our heart. Above all, She asks us to hold the space that we need to heal. That means seek out your safe spaces and see yourself as carrying precious cargo that, in time, will find its way to the light.

This month, take the time to notice – to feel into your inner life, your ability to hold space for yourself and others, and where and how your history, and the histories of the communities of which you are a part, are trying to teach you something and give birth to the next version of you.

Where has your past got a stronghold on you that you must release?

What portions of your personal and collective history are calling to be honored and integrated into your life story?

In what ways must you refill your cup?

And, how are you being asked to hold space for yourself and others?

No matter where your journey has brought you today, know that this month, you are powered by the energy of the Mother – strong, compassionate, intuitive, life-affirming, life-giving, and wise beyond measure🙏🏽.