Sun in Leo

67.22.2022 – 8.22.2022

Return to Joy

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We’ve officially begun Leo season… and the phrase I’m hearing is —-

Return to Joy.

Leo is Fixed Fire – the sign of Majesty, of heads held high, of authenticity, and of unabashed self-expression. Following Cancer on the zodiacal wheel, Leo is the part of you who takes all those tender parts that you sometimes keep too hidden and ushers them out into the light…

…because Leo knows that there is no shame in vulnerability, and that our light always shines the brightest when we allow ourselves to truly be seen, despite fears of rejection, embarrassment, or being misunderstood. When the Sun shines in Leo, it’s time to take sacred pride in every inch of who you are and make friends with the parts of yourself that you’ve kept in hiding or have banished to the shadowlands.

This is joy.

Look to the area of your chart that houses Leo and/or has Leo on its cusp to see where it may be time to “return to joy” – where the themes of authenticity, shedding shame, letting your light shine, and allowing yourself to truly be seen, may be the most salient.

This year the Sun has entered Leo under a waning Taurus Moon forming a Fixed Square to Saturn, and as Mercury approaches a trine to full-of-faith Jupiter.

Translation: You are worthy of the joy that you seek. Choose where you will invest your time, your energy, and your resource as one who knows that this is true. Reclaim hope, optimism, and a belief in the Universe’s capacity to meet you right where you are at, as your constant companions. Joy is your birthright, which means that you need no one else’s approval to embrace it.

While the Sun continues in Leo from now until 8/22, consider —

Where are you being called to take your own center stage? Where are you being called to “return to joy”?

Yes you can, and yes you will. Blessed Leo season ♌️♥️👑.

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