Sun in Taurus

4.19.2022 – 5.20.2022

Into the Body

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Today is our first full day of Taurus season, and I’m feeling the sign of the Bull as the call back into the Body – back into the Root, back into the Ground, back into trusting our Sacred Animal instinct, and back into the strength and the beauty of our holy Mother Earth.

Taurus is the first Earth sign of the zodiac. S/he is Fixed Earth and tunes us into what it means to truly celebrate our sensuality and embody our self worth. When we step into our Taurus power, we know that the ground beneath our feet is sacred, and so every step that we take is on fertile ground… and fertile ground yields abundance… and when we tap into our abundance, we tap into what it truly means to be and to feel secure.

My mantra for Taurus season is always –

“I am enough. I always have been enough. I always will be enough.”

As the Sun continues through Taurus, from now until 5/20, consider how it is that you embody your self-worth.

What brings you pleasure? What makes you feel good? How do you ground down into what you truly value, and how does that guide your life?

And, how does all of the above contribute to your sense of security?

Often, we are not taught that it is okay to carve out the time and the space that we need to cultivate pleasure and to feed our sensuality, but it is. In fact, “food” is a big keyword for the sign of the Bull. This is the season to bring awareness to how you “feed” yourself on all levels, knowing that what you “feed” yourself is intimately linked to what you embody, and ultimately, to what you attract.

This season, the Sun has entered Taurus, as:

Venus – the natural ruler of Taurus – continues in the watery realm of Pisces;

Our Waning Gibbous Moon continues in the expansive fires of Sagittarius;

Mercury in Taurus heads towards a conjunction to the North Node;

And, we begin our next eclipse season.

Translation: The deeper you root, ground, and embody your precious self-worth, the more capacity you’ll have for the mind-opening and heart-opening growth that is calling to you 🪴.

Yes you can, and yes you will.

Blessed Taurus season 🔮♉️🔮.

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