Sun in Libra

9.22.2021 – 10.23.2021


Today officially marks the beginning of Libra season, which means… it’s harvest time.

This is the time of the year when we do our grand spiritual reaping – gathering in what’s been working, and releasing what has not.

Libra season corresponds with one of two Equinoxes we have each year – a day where we have equal hours of day-time and night-time. It’s no wonder that Libra is known as the sign of the scales, because Libra is the part of us who seeks balance, harmony, and most of all, alignment.

Stepping into our Libra power means that we actively align with the people, places, and circumstances that truly have heart and meaning for us.

But here’s the thing…

To do this – to consciously align – we’ve got to open ourselves to seeing,hearing, and understanding the “other” side; We’ve got to assess when compromise is healthy, and when it’s more akin to spiritual apathy; and we’ve got to know the difference between love that is founded on honesty… and the “getting along” that is founded on ducking, hiding, and dodging our truth.

This last part – the part about love, honesty, and truth – is especially true this year, because this year, the Sun has entered Libra when Venus (the ruler of Libra) is in no-nonsense, “can’t pull the wool over my eyes” – Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio demands raw, unadulterated honesty in our relationships, promising genuine intimacy in return.

In addition, the Sun entered Libra while Mercury (the Messenger planet of communication and perception) is also in Libra and is perfecting a square aspect to Pluto (the modern ruler of Scorpio). Translation: this is the time to lovingly, yet courageously, have the hard conversations with ourselves and with others that will ultimately set us free.

So…..Lift up your gaze and dare to stand eye-to-eye with your world… What is truly in alignment with your heart?

Now… go there 💗♎️.

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