Sun in Libra

9.22.2022 – 10.23.2022

Held in the Balance

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The Sun’s entrance into Libra marks one of the two Equinoxes that we experience every year – that time during the Solar year when we experience equal parts of day and night. It is apt, then, that the sign of Libra is known as the sign of the Balancing Scales and represents that part of us that knows that – regardless of our circumstance – we are worthy of peace, connection, and unity.

Libra energy “holds us in the balance”, especially when we feel like we have important transitions to make, or when we have one foot in one world and one foot in another. As the Cardinal Air sign, Libra proactively seeks a special kind of alignment – the kind of alignment that allows for differences to coexist and for paradoxes to be held.

Libra reminds us that we always carry within us the opposite sides of the same coin, and so forming connection, even within the context of difference, is not only possible, but is our birthright.

Peace and empowerment come when we realize that Life doesn’t always have to be “either/or”. Sometimes, it can be “both/and”, and sometimes, we get to take our time with the important decisions and transitions of our life, ensuring that our outward circumstance becomes an accurate mirror of the inner harmony that we seek.

Libra is ruled by Venus, after all, and so this is the season to examine how you define beauty, peace, harmony, and Love, and to shift your gaze in the direction of ever-increasing amounts of the above. In the coming months, some things must inevitably fall away, and as they do, realize that you are making space for the life that you love… instead of a life that you have settled for.

Where do you feel an important transition happening in your life? Where must you take your time, feeling yourself held in the balance, as you examine perspectives and navigate this shift?

Yes you can, and yes you will.

Blessed Libra season ♎️💗♎️.

Background illustration by Ewa Mazur at

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