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Sun in Cancer

6.21.2022 – 7.22.2022


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I woke up this morning thinking this one word:


And, I couldn’t help but smile when I looked up its formal definition and read the words – “tender, juicy, and tasty”… because that’s what Cancer season feels like this year.

It feels tender…

It feels juicy….

And, it feels tasty…

It feels like there’s a ripening in the air – a ripening that’s inviting us to harvest the fruit of our internal landscape in order to propel ourselves forward.

Just like the Cancer crab, we’re growing from the inside out…

We’re molting…

And, our old skin has simply got to go.

Cancer is the first Water sign of the zodiac – the sign that holds, molds, protects, and sustains. When the Sun enters Cancer, it’s time to tap into our internal waters – the stuff that feeds us and refreshes us from within. It’s time to make the question, “How do I feel today?” common practice; and, it’s time to really listen to the answer to that question, and let it teach us.

This year, the Sun has entered Cancer, as the Moon (the natural ruler of Cancer) finds its home in the flames of Aries, on its way to forming a conjunction to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, and larger-than-life faith. This is bold and beautifully brash energy – the kind of energy that says, Go ahead and step out into those “brave spaces”…

And, since we’re in Cancer season, those “brave spaces” may have a lot to do with exploring the edges of our vulnerability like we never have before. With Goddess of Love, Venus, in intimate contact with transformational Pluto, there’s a call to “get real” with ourselves and with others, allowing ourselves to get psychically naked, in order to experience real and healing intimacy.

As the Sun continues in Cancer from now until July 22nd, consider where it might be time to refill your cup in ways that compel you to step up and out of an old shell.

How are you being called to grow from the inside out?

Yes you can, and yes you will. Blessed Cancer season ♋️♥️♋️.

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