Sun in Scorpio

10.23.2023 – 11.22.2023


Illustration by Maria Bondarenko at

The Sun has moved into Scorpio, where it will remain until November 22.

Whenever the Sun enters a new sign, there’s a shift in our energetic terrain – one that begins to bring awareness to the aspects of our lives that are “ruled” by that particular sign. When we’re talking about Scorpio, we’re talking about all things deep, transformative, “dark”, “taboo”, alchemical, mysterious, hidden, “sexual”, intense, probing, radically intimate, and radically real.

Scorpio energy cares little for the niceties, and more about getting to the truth that sets us free. Uncovering “truth” – within ourselves, within our relationships, and within our world – is a big theme in the coming weeks, so take a minute to honestly consider where you may have traded truth for comfort…. Because this is precisely the thing that is up for healing and release.

We’ve all got “dark” spaces. We’ve all got behaviors, mindsets, certain relationship patterns and ways of being that are simply time to change… and not just change, but transform – which means that your “dark” spaces are the seeds for a beauty you have yet to realize.

This year, the Sun enters Scorpio, forming a soft contact to Saturn Rx in Pisces, while the Aquarius Moon approaches a square to Uranus. Translation: Sometimes, it’s the things that we have been the most fearful of that end up being the medicine for our stagnation and the catalyst for our growth. Strength does not run from the cocoon of change. Strength settles into it, knowing that our butterfly wings lie just in the other side of our fear.

Breathe into the intense spaces of your heart, and let yourself feel what you find there.

Where is it time to uncover a truth? Where is it time to surrender? Where is it time to transform?