Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

10.28.2023, 4:25 PM ET

Be Still and Know

Illustration by Coliap at Dreamstime.com

Today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus feels like this to me —

Be still and know…

Taurus is the Fixed Part of Earth, which means that – at its best – it’s solid, stable, dependable, rooted, grounded, loyal and secure. It’s the kind of Earth that roots can sink down deep into, in order to establish, and maintain, a rock-solid foundation.

Deep roots and a solid foundation means that the storms of life may come — the winds bay blow, the rains may fall, and the waves may crash — but the sacred essence of who you are isn’t going anywhere.

Today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse says, Feel your roots and take the necessary steps to dig them down deep.

That means remind yourself —

Remind yourself of who you are…

Remind yourself of where you come from…

Remind yourself what brings you joy…

Remind yourself what brings you pleasure…

Remind yourself what holds value to you…

And, what’s more, remind yourself of how valuable you are.

Taurus energy doesn’t underestimate the value of the simple measures, because it’s the daily practice of feeding yourself and feeling good that strengthens you for the long-haul and helps you maintain your integrity in times of crisis.

By definition, today’s Taurus Full Moon sits opposite the Scorpio Sun, inviting us all to find the balance between the part of us that needs radical change and the part of us that needs the peace of security.

If recent events have shaken you and awakened you, see this time as an opportunity to actively explore what grounds you, what makes you feel good, and what strengthens you in pleasure.

Your true security emanates from within.

In what areas of your life is it time to drop an anchor? How are you being called to “be still and know”?

Yes you can, and yes you will. Blessed Full Moon 🌕♉️🪷.