The Conservatorship

Now that we have taken a cursory look at Britney’s natal chart and understand some of its major themes, we are ready to take a look at the Astrology of the conservatorship.  The chart below is a bi-wheel chart cast for August 22, 2008 – the issuance of the temporary conservatorship.  The inner wheel shows the natal chart of Britney Spears; while the outer wheel shows the planetary transits of that day.  Note that the outer wheel is cast for Noon, since I do not know the exact time that the conservatorship ruling was handed down.

Now, compare this with the chart shown below – the bi-wheel chart cast for October 28, 2008 -the day that the conservatorship was extended indefinitely.

Since the conservatorship charts are really only two months apart, Britney’s major planetary transits are quite similar, but there are a few important differences to take note of.

In both charts, the major longer term impacts appear to be indicated by Saturn and Pluto.  Note that Saturn (the planet of restriction, law, order, and rules) is transiting her 12th house (the house of sacred space, withdrawal, escape, and endings).  The placement of transiting Saturn often tells us where we’re at, in terms of the longer-term cycle of our life.  In the 12th house, transiting Saturn indicates that we are closing out a major cycle, and gearing up to start a new one.  On a deep, internal level, this is a time of endings and saying goodbye, as we gear up to begin the next cycle of working on ourselves when transiting Saturn enters our First House a few years later.  In Britney’s case, this time of endings was also marked by a conjunction between transiting Saturn to her natal Mars in Virgo in the 12th and a square to her natal Neptune in her 3rd.  This symbolism suggests that the conservatorship may have kicked off a time of  challenges, restrictions, and limitations associated with her sense of autonomy and efficacy… but, it also may have kicked off a time of deep reflection and spiritual renewal, which is often the highest calling of 12th House transits. 

In the case of Pluto, we also see, in both of these charts, that this was a time of major endings and transition, as well as a time of intense transformation.  In the bi-wheel chart of August 22, transiting Pluto is retrograde in her 3rd House, just shy of crossing over her IC and entering into her 4th House.  By the time we get to October 28th, we see that transiting Pluto has stationed direct, and is heading to the conjunction with her IC, which perfected in February, 2009.  When planets cross over the IC, they’ve literally hit the lowest part of our Astrology chart.  With Pluto, this indicates a major psychological turning point – where, in true Pluto fashion, we are brought down low, with perhaps our deepest and darkest parts dredged up… so that we can rise again like the phoenix – new, purged, and transformed.  Pluto transits force us to shed our old, outworn skin, whether we like it or not -from the inside out… So, Britney has been shedding… and shedding… and shedding.

The next chapter of Britney’s conservatorship story will unfold on June 23rd, beginning at 1:30 pm PST, where Britney will be speaking to the LA courts, on her behalf, concerning the status of the conservatorship.  Many have been waiting in anticipation of this moment, and are eager to hear what Britney has to say – in her own voice and in her own words.

We’ve taken a brief look at how the Lunar Eclipse chart is impacting Britney’s natal chart.  Now, lets take a look at the transit chart of June 23rd, and what that might indicate for Britney.

Volumes could be written about all of the contacts being made between these two charts, but here are the things that immediately catch my attention:

  • Once again, we see the Sagittarius-Gemini axis highlighted, with the Nodes still in intimate contact with Britney’s Sun:  Yes, Britney has something to say.
  • Transiting Saturn in Aquarius is forming a conjunction to Britney’s 5th House Moon, which is also in square to transiting Uranus in Taurus:  In essence, the transiting Saturn-Uranus square will be triggering Britney’s Moon all year.  Change is afoot… the kind of change that is asking for a breaking away from the stale and outworn of the past, in order to make room for the freedom of the new… and this might mean exercising an independence that feels a little bit uncomfortable.
  • Transiting Neptune in Pisces in her 6th is opposing her natal Mars in Virgo in her 12th:  Britney may feel a bit like she’s swimming in murky waters, searching for her sea legs.  With this transit, trust and sacred surrender is called for in one way or another.
  • Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is forming a conjunction to her natal Venus in her Fourth House, and squaring off on her natal Pluto in Libra in her First.  Britney is in the middle of her opening Pluto squire – a major turning point in everyone’s life, that is typically experienced between the ages of 36 – 40, depending on when you were born.  This is major skin-shedding time, when old structures (both inner and psychological, and outer and institutional) that have outlived their usefulness must begin to crumble.  To say that this is a time of major change would be an understatement…. But yeah, this is a time of major, colossal, humongous change.  And, for Britney, this change is wrapped up in the square between her natal Venus and her natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction that we discussed at the outset.  This is  a major time of reckoning related to everything that this square represents: power – its use and abuse; struggling for justice;  working to manifest beauty, harmony and peace; “beauty” for profit and corporate gain; “love” for profit and corporate gain; and, perhaps most importantly, balancing the need for acceptance and love, with the need for self definition.  Britney is under the influence of this transit all year, with transiting Pluto making its last pass over these sensitive points in January, 2022.
  • Transiting Jupiter in Pisces is forming a supportive trine to her natal Jupiter in Scorpio in her 2nd: Transits involving Jupiter trines often feel as if the gods have answered our prayers. I’m not exactly sure what Britney has been praying, but there may be a little bit of help coming down the runway.
  • And finally, on this particular day, the transiting Sun in Cancer is exactly conjunct the most elevated point in her chart – her Midheaven (MC):  A bit of light appears to be raining down on Britney – definitely allowing her to be seen, and hopefully, allowing her to be heard.

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