The Natal Chart of Britney Spears

This is by no means a full delineation of Britney’s natal chart – first and foremost, because I personally believe that to truly delineate a chart, we need the most important ingredient – Britney herself… front row and center, giving voice to her story.  However, in the absence of her live presence, there are still some really important things for us to consider.

Britney’s Rising Sign and Chart Ruler – Libra and Venus

I like to enter into a chart where the chart begins – with the rising sign, because this tells me where Britney begins.  Here, we see that Britney begins with the sign of Libra – the sign of the Balancing Scales. Right away, I begin to ask myself, what is it that Britney is trying to balance in her life?  Her Horizon line begins with the sign on the ASC (Libra) and ends with the sign on the DC (Aries).  This is the “I-thou” axis of the zodiac – the place where we are striving to balance:

  • Our needs with the needs of others;
  • Our needs with the needs of the world;
  • Our needs with the needs of anything that exists outside the confines of what we identify as “self”.

This is important to recognize about Britney, because she leads with Libra, which means that her path in this life revolves around how she negotiates the balance between her own needs and the needs of others.  As a rising Libra:  yes… she has a deep appreciation for the aesthetic side of life… yes – she is attuned to artistry, creativity, and beauty; yes – on some level she strives to keep the peace; BUT, on a deeper level, her life path is marked by the challenges associated with someone who is learning to own her power, in the face of rather formidable demands that often feel at odds with who she is and with what she really wants.

To go a little bit deeper into this particular theme, we can take a look at the placement of the ruler of her chart – Venus, the Goddess of Love.

In many ways, the ruler of a person’s chart tells us where the person “lives”, where their “go-to” place resides, and how they most readily identify.  With Britney’s chart ruler being Venus, the Goddess of Love, in Capricorn- the sign of self-mastery and worldly influence, there is some aspect of Britney that strongly identifies with the face of the Divine Feminine that is Power.  And yet… we see that Britney’s Venus in Capricorn sits conjunct her South Node in her 4th House in a tight square aspect to her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra in her First House.  Squares in our charts often represent challenges – the areas of our life where we encounter resistance, and are consequently called to work for their manifestation.  Translation:  Perhaps that part of Britney that identifies with the Divine Feminine as Power was not readily accepted in her world, and has been something that she has had to “work” at attaining.  Formidable resistance to this, represented by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra in her First House is there in black and white in her natal chart.  Now, it would take volumes to unravel the significance of this square, but some of the challenges represented by this square certainly revolve around:  power – its use and abuse; struggling for justice;  working to manifest beauty, harmony and peace; “beauty” for profit and corporate gain; “love” for profit and corporate gain; and, perhaps most importantly, balancing the need for acceptance and love, with the need for self definition.

Now, there is something else really important to consider when it comes to the placement of Britney’s chart ruler, Venus:  It sits in her Fourth House conjunct her South Node, telling us that her “go-to” place is her “home”, her family ties, her past, and that place within that no one else can really see, but is hers to own.  She needs privacy and she needs to have a sense of mastery around her most private life and affairs.  With Capricorn ruling her Fourth hose, “home” is a place of structure, order, and boundaries.  It’s also a place where she meets rules, restriction, and the Patriarchy.  Ultimately, anything in Capricorn, or with Capricorn on the cusp, is an area of life where we are learning about self-mastery, and where we are working to overcome our own fears in order to step into our power.  

Let’s stop here and think about what we know of Britney’s life – a life that, in large part, was lived under a microscope and in the public spotlight.  Could it be that the security needs represented by the Capricorn energy in her Fourth House were somehow compromised?  And, could it be, that this took a toll that demanded an incredibly high price?

With a conjunction to the South Node in Capricorn, we also must consider the potential for Britney to “get stuck” in relationships that tend to restrict or bind her – either due to feelings of obligation, responsibility, undue commitments, or family ties.  We’ll touch a bit more on this later… but, notice that her North Node sits in Cancer in her Tenth House – the house of career, social standing, and life mission.  The North Node often represents the path to growth in our charts.  In this case, her path to growth lies in the sign of the Cosmic Mother.  There is something about Britney’s life that calls for her to release the entanglements of her past (often experienced through binding and restrictive relationships in the home or family of origin), and work to build her “home”, or her safe space, in the world that she would create for herself.

There are so many questions we can ask here, and so many things to unpack… but, what keeps rising up in my spirit is this:

There is something about the perceived struggles of Britney’s life that speaks to the Divine Feminine within us all – that part of us that has also struggled to gain a sense of mastery and power, against formidable forces that seem at odds with who we are and what we need.

What About Mars?

This might be a good place to begin to take a look at Britney’s Mars placement, because this will tell us a lot about “her fight mode”, her internal warrior, and how she goes after what she wants.  With Mars in Virgo in her Twelfth House, and in square to Neptune in Sagittarius in her Third House, Britney is perhaps most roused to action when:

she’s got a message to broadcast – especially if this somehow relates to a service that can be provided to something larger than herself. 

When planets are touched by Neptune, it is difficult – if not, impossible – for them to be completely self-serving.  Neptune asks for a transcendence of the ego in one way or another, and – when we’re dealing with the harder contacts, like the square or the opposition – there is often a challenge or a discomfort associated with this.  Mars represents our drive to assert ourselves, but in the Twelfth House it is “sensitized” to the environment… and in square to Neptune (the natural ruler of the Twelfth) it is REALLY sensitized to its environment.  It’s sensitized to what others need and want, and it’s sensitized to what the collective needs and wants… and THIS is particularly challenging for a rising Libra, who is learning to balance her own needs with the needs of others, without getting swallowed up in the process…

AND YET… there is the potential for a tremendous amount of strength, focus, and “get it done” energy when she can find that sweet spot that allows her to act with freedom and autonomy.

Here Comes the Sun… and the Moon

Finding that “sweet spot” has a lot to do with the centralizing agent of her entire chart – her Sun, which represents the Hero that she is becoming and that faculty within her that needs to be supported in order for her to feel the most vital and alive.

With a Sagittarius Sun in the Third House, and a Sagittarius stellium in the Third House, which includes the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune – all I keep thinking is “Gosh, Britney’s got something to say.  She’s always had something to say.  The question is, has anyone truly been listening?”.  The Third House is the area of the chart that we most associate with communication, information in vs. information out, perception, and thinking for ourselves.  In the sign of Sagittarius, this area of Britney’s life is meant to “loom large”.  When she needs to, Britney has got to be able to use her voice to “say it loud and say it proud”, and she’s got to be able to think for herself.  This is the way she shines in the world, and this is ultimately, the person she is learning to become. 

Sagittarius is about freedom and enlarging our borders, often through faith and taking the risks that make our heart sing…   For Britney, however, we see that risk taking can be… well, risky business.  Her Sagittarius stellium is ultimately ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio, which is in turn ruled by Pluto in Libra, which is in turn ruled by Venus in Capricorn, which is in mutual reception with, and in square to Saturn (conjunct Pluto).  I say all of this to say that, in many ways, all roads lead back to the square between her ruling planet, Venus, and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra in her First.  Overcoming the challenges represented by this square are the “work” that Britney must do in this lifetime, in order for her to actualize the Sagittarius hero within her heart… and, she has been given the giftings of a Sagittarius to help her do so – a big voice, a big heart, and an expansive and creative mind.

And now, what is arising in my spirit is this:

Yes… Britney has something to say… and so do we.  There is something about her struggle that speaks to the person within all of us that has something to say, and has struggled to find the vehicle with which to say it.

So, what about her Moon?

Britney’s Moon sits in Aquarius, in Her Fifth House, in a sextile relationship with her Sun.  The Fifth House represents the area of life that we most associate with what I call “creative emergence”.  It’s the place where we “come into our own”, discover our uniqueness, discover what we love and enjoy… and the place where we begin to create – create our children of the body and our children of the mind.  We know that Britney Spears has enormous creative talent.  And, with her Moon in her Fifth House, much of this probably comes naturally to her, and there is probably a lot of joy associated with it.  However, if we go a bit deeper, and consider that her Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, we also see that Britney’s security needs are wrapped up in a need for space and healthy detachment – the kind of space and healthy detachment that allow her to define herself for herself, and authentically connect as who she really is, no holds barred.

We also see that her Moon rules her Tenth House – the house of career, life mission, and professional standing.  On the surface level, there is obviously a link between her career (Tenth House) and her creativity (Fifth House).  However, peeling back the layers a bit more, we also see that her “North Node of destiny” sits in her Tenth House, in the sign of Cancer.  This is worthy of another pause…

Remember, the North Node represents that place in our life that is the place of growth. It does not come as naturally to us as the place of the South Node, and so typically requires work and courage to attain.  Much of our life, whether we know it or not, is about learning to access that place of the North Node.  With a North Node in Cancer in the Tenth House, it is possible that Britney is learning about the true definition of “Home”.  Home is that place that we carry within – that place where we know that we are whole unto ourselves.  It is a place of inner solidarity and safety that no one can touch.  It is also the place of “Mother Love” –  the kind of love that accepts us unconditionally, without the rules or the restrictions.   In Cancer, accessing this place has a lot to do with learning when, where, and how to let our guard down and become vulnerable. 

Recall that Britney’s “go-to” place is her Fourth House, ruled by Capricorn, where “home” is defined by rules, order, mastery, the Patriarchy, and perhaps restrictions and limitations.  But, there is another aspect of “home” that she is learning to actualize – the home of the Cosmic Mother and the home of the Matriarchy.  Much of her life is about integrating this polarity, and – in so doing – coming home to herself.

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