Why Do We Care So Much?

The answer to this question lies in looking at how the chart of the United States intersects with the chart of Britney Spears.  To examine this, take a look at the bi-wheel chart below, which shows Britney’s natal chart in the inner wheel, and the chart of the United States in the outer wheel.

The two charts key together in a couple of really key places:

  • The US Cancer stellium sits in Britney’s 10th House, with the Venus-Jupiter conjunction sitting conjunct her MC, and Mercury sitting conjunct her North Node.
  • The US Pluto in Capricorn sits conjunct her Venus-South Node conjunction in her 4th, and in square to her Pluto in Libra in her 1st.
  • The US Neptune sits conjunct her Mars in Virgo in her 12th
  • The US MC sits conjunct her Libra ASC.
  • The US Vesta in Taurus conjoins Britney’s Chiron in her 8th.
  • The US ASC conjoins Britney’s Sun in Sagittarius.
  • And, the US Juno in Libra sits conjunct Britney’s Saturn in Libra in her 1st, while the US Chiron on Aries sits in opposition to Britney’s Saturn in Libra in her 1st.

Suffice it to say, that these two charts are pretty intimately linked, and since Britney is such a public figure, she is the receptacle for a ton of our projections.  What really sticks out to me, however, is the fact that most of these connections involve the archetypes of Cancer (the Cosmic Mother and the Matriarchy) , Capricorn (the Sacred Masculine and the Patriarchy), and Libra (Justice, Equity, and Balance).  We may not know exactly what is “happening to Britney”, but what most of us feel on an archetypal level (whether consciously or unconsciously), is that her life and struggles exemplify the life and struggles of our collective.  This is especially true in recent years, as the fight for social justice rages on, on so many fronts.

If we take a closer look at this bi-wheel, we see that the US planets that are the most elevated and “visible” in Britney’s chart are the US Venus and Jupiter; and the US planet that is the most “hidden” in Britney’s chart is the US Pluto. 

This is interesting.

Consider this:  As a collective, we have projected two extremes onto Britney Spears.  One of these projections is represented b the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer.  This is the glamour, the fame, the beauty, and the fortune -qualities that are readily acceptable and sought after in our culture.  These are the cultural values that we are quick to lift up and shine a spotlight on.

The other projection, however, is represented by the US Pluto in Capricorn conjunct her natal Venus in her 4th.  This represents the shadow side of our society that we don’t like to see, especially as it pertains to our cultural resistance to the rights of women to be powerful, influential, sexual, beautiful, independent and strong.  This is the stuff that we like to hide from view, and cloak within institutions, ranging from our entertainment industry, to our legal system, to our mental health care system.  We tend to only deal with these things, when circumstances have culminated in such a way that we are forced to… and that is precisely what is happening in America today.  Event after tragic event seems to conspire to bring us to a place where we must, as a nation, take a close look at our shadowy parts. 

This is Pluto’s domain.  Britney is not the only one who is going through a tough Pluto transit.  Here, in the United States, we are on the verge of our Pluto Return, the time when transiting Pluto returns back to where it was at the inception of our nation.  In our case, that is 27 degrees of Capricorn, and although our Pluto return will not perfect until February, 2022, we are definitely feeling the growing pains now.  With the US Pluto sitting conjunct Britney’s natal Venus, and opposing the US Mercury and Britney’s North Node; AND with transiting Pluto triggering the whole lot, much of what we have not wanted to look at in America, especially as it pertains to the balance of power, is being dredged up and served to us on a platter.  It now becomes  a bit easier to see why the challenges and life of  Britney Spears are falling right in the thick of it.  With the US Mercury thrown into the mix, there are tough conversations that we must have…. And it seems that we are now ready to have them.

Its Gemini season everyone.  It’s time to talk, and it’s time to listen.

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